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I wished to inform you all of the team's intention to revitalize the forums. If you haven't noticed already basic cleaning of posts that were ill-suited to the community have been removed and the update logs have been posted here. In addition, some behind the scenes work has also been completed which has streamlined a few items.

I would like to request those who stumble across content that is inappropriate to the community to report such. It will be personally reviewed and dealt with. Also, those who have suggestions or ideas on what the forums could become are highly welcome to share those thoughts. Please do so as a reply to this suggestion form.

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Combination of Patch Notes (1.10.27 - 1.10.35)
August 8 - Life Forge
The biggest update has just hit, .35 which solved our entire lag issue when doing actions (killing/picking up was the key turn off for players)

Life Forge now runs like a single player game!

Minotaur no longer has unlimited range on his 'teleport player' move,
Minotaur now has a stun warning,
Minotaur now displays Stun / Teleport messages,
Minotaur's Stun move has doubled in cool down,
Target Window now moves when Client Width makes Hotbar / Cash Shop icon get too close,
Chosing a sub-class at 25 no longer removes all stat points,
When a staff member leaves it no longer announces it in chat,
Talent Reset potions correctly require equipment to be removed,
Missing Block tile from Gandor added,
Gandor's checkpoint x,y has been set to the new pillar location¹,
Gandor tutorial 'Becuase' now spelt correctly,
David the Wanderer's chat now has correct grammar,
'An Hammer' changed to 'A Hammer'
'An Mortar and Pestle' changed to 'A Mortar and Pestle'
'An ingot Mould' changed to 'An Ingot Mould'
'An Hide Scraper' changed to 'A Hide Scraper'
'An Cooking Pot' changed to 'A Cooking Pot'
Mythra on Gandor Road "Unfortunately any powerful gear you'll need in-game gold for." removed,
Mythra Shop Edits:
'Oho' changed to 'Bazinga',
'platinum' changed to 'Platinum',
'STYLE' changed to 'style',
'FANCY CLOTHES and MOUNTS' changed to 'fancy clothes and mounts'
'Chest Icon at the top right' changed to 'Chest Icon at the top center'
Old Miner:
"There some real naster monsters up there." changed to 'There some real nasty monsters up there.'
You can now list House Deeds on the Auction House²,
You can now list Mounts on the Auction House²,
Fixed an issue with the 500 Platinum purchase page in Cash Shop,
You can now remove icons from your Hotbar via right clicking.
Maiden Statue Buff reward fixed,
Re-Roller UI no longer stays...
Patch Notes 1.10.22
March 11 - Life Forge
Optimized some of the Client/Server Code,
Forecast Updates are no longer sent every 2 seconds,
World Blessing Timer will no longer show as 12 : MM : SS,
Cash Shop Purchases will now check all Bank Pages for a slot to insert the purchased items,
MOTD Version has now pulls the information directly from the Server, rather than a file,
Cosmetics no longer show Prefix/Suffix data from Equipment when hovering over them,
Target is cleared correctly when Target leaves your map,
"Untradeable" Item tag has become "Soul Bound",
Actual Value Amount in Inventory/Bank/Trade windows of Stackables/Currency on hover over,

Client/Server networking is now using a new compression system,
Patch Notes 1.10.26
March 23 - Life Forge
Fixed an issue with render wrong Amount on hover over Currency/Stackables,
Charlin Freehold is now 1% Buy Back Rate to match the other furniture stores,
Hotbar duping has been patched,
Items losing prefix from being dropped fixed,
Using Items now uses the Newer Alert Messages,
Auctions will properly expire,
Artefacts on some of the images (in the itemdescription, Example: the Overgrownshield Icon),

Boss Token System.*

*Bosses will now drop a Boss Token if the only item that it drops is Gold. These are redeemable for Items, that the Bosses Loot Table contains, at the next content push.
Patch Notes 1.10.20
March 8 - Life Forge
Saurtr's second 'Pyramid Bell' replaced with 'Caduceus Staff' in Loot Table,
Saurtr and Typhon now have Shared Loot enabled,
Fixed Trading ghost Prefix/Suffix issue,
Blank Bank Items re-rolling on drop issue resolved,
Pre-set Resolutions have been removed from the Options UI due to re-sizable Client,
Debug is now on be default and the option to turn it off removed from Options UI,
Options UI minor text changes,
'Fog =' added to the config.ini and the Loading/Saving of options,
Blessing Indicator 'x2 XP' icon added,
'Game Time' Display moved further right,
Improved Targeting Networking,
Preview House is no longer triggered when leaving Inventory/Shop/Auction/Trade,
Re-enabled the anti-cheat for testing purposes.

World Blessing display on Client,
Fogs can now be turned off via Options UI.
Patch Notes 1.10.16 & 1.10.17
February 18 - Life Forge
Patch Notes 1.10.16 & 1.10.17

Can no longer pick up items whilst trading,
Sound and Music can no longer exceed 100,
'Member's Pass' purchases now award the Item, rather than apply Membership directly on the buyers Character,
'Chat Bubbles' will properly expire if a players computer has been running for more then 24 Days,
New 'Lovely Cabin' item has been added,
Fixed issues with Switches,
Events no longer take more than the required items,
Events no longer award more than they're supposed to,
In-game cash shop no longer displays an error then reloads to the cash shop,
The +15% Bonus Platinum events are now automatic,
Event fix removed,
Fixed the Server freezing,
Fixed Targeting UI hitting the error handler and slowing the client down,
Fixed Targeting on the server attempting to send no data to the Client and hitting the error handler,
Server no longer sends empty data to remove Target information from the Client.

Brand new Web Store & in-game Cash Shop has replaced the old White version,
Client now displays Cooldown Times in Skill Book and on both Hotbars (Seconds and if less than 1 Second it displays milliseconds),
Whitescreen issues when a players computer has not been shut down within the past 24 days [potential fix].

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Patch Notes 1.10.18
March 1 - Life Forge
New fix for Events taking multiple items instead of the correct amount / giving multiple items instead of the correct amount,
Cleaned up the Events to not allow multiple firings of the currently running event,
Parallel Events now work as intended,
Party's no longer crash when a member leaves (Raid HUD Only),
Pressing Return in Username input at Login Screen, will move input focus to the Password input,
Pressing Return in Password input at Login Screen, will activate Login Button,
'Sound' & 'Music' can no longer go above 100,
'Party Window' is included in the windows that are closed when Escape is pressed,
'Trade Window' has been adjusted to include name of 'Trader' & 'Tradee',
Auction Listings can now be a larger variety of Types (Cosmetics ect).

Frostfire Mask Recipe now creates the Mask and not the Circlet.

If your Collection Chest contains any items or gold, You're greeted with a message on Login,
A brand new Auction System coded from the ground up (Client UI remained the same),
Auction Listing now have a Fee; 15% for none members and 10% for members. If the Fee is less than 100 then it's set to 100,
Owners can no longer bid on their own Listings,
'Listing Detail' UI that shows an overview of the Listing you are submitting to which you 'Agree' or 'Cancel'.
Patch Notes 1.10.15
February 14 - Life Forge
Fixed 'Cash Shop' 'Member's Pass' Paypal button,
'Ironstar Minotaur' Respawn reduced to 6 minutes,
Organized internal input mechanics,
Fixed targeting NPCs and players while typing in chat,
When selling an item on the 'Auction House', 'Gold' is sent to 'Collection Chest', instead of directly to your 'Character',
'Raid HUD' now properly displays correct number of 'Party Members' based on current Resolution,
'Raid HUD' no longer loses random players Hp/Sp,
Client no longer crashes from turning off and on 'Sounds',
Music stops playing when turned off, after changing volume,
'Typhon' had 'Arc Wand' re-added in his loot table,
'Saurtr' had 'Pyramid Armor' re-added to his loot table,
Double clicking an item no longer hides 'Chat' when 'Currency Dialogue' is open,
PvP kill messages moved from Global to Map,

Six items added in for Valentines Day
The 'Crate of Passion' contains either:
-Female or Male Garments
-Blessed Wings
-Heartfelt Balloon
-Bow of Enthrallment
-Love Potion

With this new addition we will be giving out a free 'Crate of Passion' with any purchase.
This offer ends on the 21st February.

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Patch Notes 1.10.12
February 5 - Life Forge
When viewing Character 'Raw Stats', 'LifeSteal Bonus' is now properly added,
Resizing the Game window, no longer closes any open UI Windows,
After resizing the Game Window, the Game Window will position itself so its not offscreen**,
On screen 'Gold' is now drawn with different colors depending on how much you're carrying,
'System Message' on input of non-displayable text,
Can no longer 'Target' while in typing, whilst 'Chat' is active,
'Trading' is now correctly cancelled when moving,
Raid HUD's draw count is now based on Screen Resolution, not preset values,
Can no longer 'Cancel' the quest 'Food!' or 'Firewood' from the 'Tutorial Zone',
'Dark Echo' I,II and III have had their 'AoE' Ability removed until further notice.

Character 'Raw Stats' are now calculated correctly,
'Buff Bonuses' are now displayed on the Character combat stats menu (Reflect, LifeSteal, SpiritLeech, Lethality, Critical, Dodge, Block, and Parry),
Weapon Cosmetic slot added,
Escape key will close most Open Windows (Inventory, Spells, Character, Talents, Titles, Quest Log, Guild). When none of these windows are open, It will show/hide the Options Menu,
'Alpha' and the version number of the Client now added to the 'Login Panel' at the Main Menu.

*While not in chat it will close the Following windows: Inventory, Spells, Character, Talents, Titles, Quest Log, Guild
When None of these windows are open, It will bring up/close the Options Menu.
* *This May Cause issues if you play across multiple monitors

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Hotfixes and Sale!
January 20 - Life Forge
A new Client is live. You're not required to download it to login. Some small tweaks and cleaned up some client side stuff.

From the 25th of January until the 4th of February (10 days) you will be able obtain +15% Platinum on all purchases.

This mean when buying Platinum:
50 Platinum purchases becomes 58 Platinum,
110 Platinum purchases becomes 127 Platinum,
250 Platinum purchases becomes 288 Platinum,
500 Platinum purchases becomes 575 Platinum.

All are (Rounded UP).

Also you can grab the Goblin Race (Consumable) that changes your race (permanently) with any Platinum purchase over $30 during this time!

Ping display removed,
Chat Bubbles no longer transfer between maps,
Main Menu Discord Text no longer self removes,
Fullscreen camera corrections (1 tile width / 2 tiles height missing),
Quest "!" & "?" replaced with actual textures,
No longer need to click 'Quest Log' Icon to get "?" and "!" to show.
Started work on realigning NPC/Mob Names & Levels,
Removed the old 'Cash Shop' code from Game Loop.

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