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  1. Colton
    Can we get some mods to clean up the forums please? :(
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    2. Blue
      On it as of this very moment! A tad late I do admit, but it is getting done none the less!
      Aug 9, 2018
  2. Hells Bells
    Hells Bells
    Ayy Just made an account, Almost hit my 200 hour mark in this game so if you want help or team up for exp and such let me know!
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  3. zapdosxb1
    zapdosxb1 SkywardRiver
    do you plan on steam workshop mods?
  4. Lillith
    I'm a new player! So far I have no idea what I'm doing, or what stats I should be leveling, but it seems fun!
  5. FibS
    FibS Mystr0
    Hello! As per your July 6 status update, I'm noting that I've started playing this game!

    I'm a Page named Fibriel.

    Thanks a bunch!
  6. Mystr0
    Any new players, Say that you're new, and if I'm on the server, I will give you a full set of your class' armour and weapon. Spread the word
  7. Mystr0
    Alt account, Mystr02, Page/(currently lev 12)
  8. Mystr0
    Norm Account, Mystr0, Hunter/Shade
  9. HTG12
  10. sassy carpet
    sassy carpet
    cant get the fucking game to work
  11. Mcidral
  12. Ketchen
    I'm here to make this game better than great!
  13. TheSensoryStore
  14. Cyber Fish
    Cyber Fish
    Cyberfish, der Spezialist für sichere Tumorboards & Videokonferenzen - Cyberfish
  15. trololgames
    e muito bom meu amigo bao
  16. Vulgaris
    Dropped a fairly lenghty breakdown post in the bugs and issues forum.
  17. Riptide
    Riptide SkywardRiver
  18. Shane
    Shane BeNjO
  19. Sebastion93
    The key to peace is communication and understandings
  20. TheBOOM
    Praise the Sun!