[Alpha] Patch v1.3.0

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    -New Combat Modifiers Page in Character Menu
    -Gear can now have combat modifiers
    -Spells can now critical strike
    -Spells can now have Lifesteal
    -You can now cast spells when moving
    -Weapons now have the ability to scale with Willpower
    -New "Block" Mechanic (see "Block" for details)
    -New "Lifesteal" Mechanic (see "Lifesteal" for details)
    -New "Spiritleech" Mechanic (see "Spiritleech" for details)
    -New "Lethality" Mechanic (see "Lethality" for details)
    -Cosmetic Slots (see "Cosmetics" for details)
    -New PvP System (see "New PvP" for details)

    -Resources now have a random health value between a set min and max health
    -When gathering resources, you now have a chance (based on your Gathering skill level) to obtain double rewards
    -If your trade overflows your inventory, your items that would have previously been lost are now sent to your bank. If your bank is full as well, you're told to contact a staff member

    -Firefly Forests
    -Draken Marsh

    -New Crafting Tier (T5)
    -New Blood Rewards
    -New Honor Rewards
    -Jungle Temple Re-Opened!
    -New Necromancer Spell "Drain"

    -New Skills/Spells
    -New Drops/Rare Items

    -Platinum Cosmetic Shop

    -Some PvP Zones are no longer PvP Zones. We'll be introducing new PvP Zones to

    replace the old ones before too long

    -Camouflage nerfed. 5 Seconds taken off duration for all ranks
    -Ranged Agility weapons damage scaling nerfed by 15%
    -Wizard Spell damage buffed
    -Necromancer defense buffed
    -All bows now have an attack speed of 1.3s
    -Crit Ratio changed slightly
    -Dodge Ratio changed slightly
    -Reflect Ratio changed slightly
    -Added respective level reqs to Tools

    -Oak Staff buffed. 0.3% Spiritleech
    -Bronze Greataxe buffed. 1% Lethality
    -Crypt Blade buffed. 5% Lifesteal
    -Moonwidow Bow buffed. +1 damage
    -Moonwidow Staff buffed. 0.5% Spiritleech, +1 damage
    -Moonwidow Wand nerfed. -1 damage
    -Iron Spear buffed. +1 damage
    -Iron Jian nerfed. +0.3s
    -Iron Estoc buffed. +1 damage
    -Iron Greataxe buffed. 2.5% Lethality, -0.2s, +1 damage
    -Iron Scythe nerfed. -2 damage
    -Dunepetal Staff buffed. 1% Spiritleech, +4 damage
    -Dunestone Greataxe buffed. 4% Lethality
    -Delga Staff buffed. 1.5% Spiritleech
    -Biosteel Greataxe buffed. 5.5% Lethality
    -Ironstar Blade buffed. 5% Lethality
    -Oasis Bow buffed. 3% Crit Chance
    -Sceptor of Solace buffed. 5% Reflect Chance, 0.5% Spiritleech
    -Dunestone Jian nerfed. +0.2s
    -Dunestone Sword buffed. +2 damage
    -Dunestone Dagger tweaked. +3 damage, +0.2s
    -Dunestone Estoc buffed. +2 damage
    -Dunestone Greataxe buffed. +12 damage
    -Dunepetal Bow buffed. +6 damage
    -Dunepetal Wand buffed. +3 damage
    -Desert Buster buffed. 10% Lethality, -0.2s
    -Desert's Whisper tweaked. 2% Crit Chance, +0.5s, +2 damage
    -Desert Star tweaked. 3% Spiritleech, -0.5s, +2 damage
    -Dusk Dagger buffed. 15% Lethality
    -Forgotten Wand buffed. 5% Reflect Chance
    -Sandsinger tweaked. 3.5% Parry Chance, -4 damage
    -Biosteel Jian nerfed. +0.3s
    -Biosteel Dagger tweaked. +0.3s, +5 damage
    -Biosteel Estoc buffed. -0.2s
    -Biosteel Greataxe buffed. -0.2s
    -Biosteel Spear buffed. +3 damage
    -Biosteel Scyth nerfed. -1 damage
    -Delga Staff buffed. +3 damage
    -Delga Bow nerfed. -2 damage
    -Delga Wand buffed. +2 damage
    -Dusk staff buffed. +5 damage, -0.1s, 3% Spiritleech
    -Dusk Blade tweaked. -2 damage, 1% Lifesteal
    -Shambler's Scythe tweaked. 5% Lifesteal, -7 damage
    -Caduceus Staff buffed. 3% Reflect Chance, 2% Spiritleech
    -Pyramid Blade buffed. 5% Parry Chance
    -Arc Bow buffed. 5% Crit Chance, +2 damage
    -Arc Wand buffed. 5% Reflect Chance, +5 damage
    -Jungle Staff buffed. 3.5% Spiritleech
    -Jungle Sword buffed. 3.5% Parry Chance
    -Junge Spear tweaked. 5% Crit Chance, +8 damage, Two-Handed, -0.1s
    -Jungle Warhammer buffed. 5% Reflect Chance, 8.5% Lethality
    -Jungle Jian buffed. 3.5% Crit Chance, +1 damage
    -Jungle Wand buffed. 3.5% Reflect Chance, +3 damage
    -Jungle Gladius tweaked. 3% Lifesteal, 3% Spiritleech, -2 damage
    -Jungle Bow buffed. 4.5% Crit Chance
    -Arc Wand buffed. +2 damage

    -Bronze Shield buffed. 3.5% Block Chance
    -Tome of Gandor buffed. 2% Reflect Chance
    -Tome of Ironstar buffed. 3% Reflect Chance
    -Tome of Armistin buffed. 4% Reflect Chance
    -Tome of Delga buffed. 5% Reflect Chance
    -Iron Shield buffed. 4.5% Block Chance
    -Oak Shield buffed. 3% Block Chance
    -Dunestone Shield buffed. 5.5% Block Chance
    -Tower buffed. 10% Block Chance
    -Dune buffed. 6% Block Chance
    -Ankusha buffed. 10% Block Chance
    -Biosteel Shield buffed. 6.5% Block Chance
    -Overgrown Shield buffed. 8% Block Chance

    -Hunter Garb buffed. 1% Dodge Chance
    -Sweetbriar Robes buffed. 1% Reflect Chance
    -Skythistle Robes buffed. 1.5% Reflect Chance
    -Bathide Armor buffed. 1.5% Dodge Chance
    -Desert Garb buffed. 2.5% Dodge Chance
    -Shadeleaf Garb buffed. 2.5% Reflect Chance
    -Ironstar Armor buffed. 3% Parry Chance
    -Ironstar Robes buffed. 3% Parry Chance
    -Ember Robes buffed. 4% Reflect Chance
    -Ashen Armor buffed. 4.5% Dodge Chance
    -Ember Armor buffed. 5% Block Chance
    -Pyramid Robes buffed. 7% Reflect Chance
    -Pyramid Armor buffed. 7% Block Chance
    -Pyramid Garb buffed. 3% Crit Chance, 3% Dodge Chance
    -Delgaroot Robes buffed. 3% Reflect Chance
    -Delga Garb buffed. 3% Dodge Chance

    -Hunter's Hood buffed. 0.5% Dodge Chance
    -Sweetbriar Hat buffed. 0.5% Reflect Chance
    -Bronze Circlet buffed. 0.1% Spiritleech
    -Bronze Mask buffed. 0.5% Parry Chance
    -Skythistle Hat buffed. 1% Reflect Chance
    -Iron Circlet buffed. 0.2% Spiritleech
    -Iron Mask buffed. 1% Parry Chance
    -Bathide Hood buffed. 1% Dodge Chance
    -Shadeleaf Hat buffed. 1.5% Reflect Chance
    -Dunestone Circlet buffed. 0.3% Spiritleech
    -Dunestone Mask buffed. 1.5% Parry Chance
    -Desert Hood buffed. 1.5% Dodge Chance
    -Ironstar Helm buffed. 3% Parry Chance
    -Ironstar Cap buffed. 3% Crit Chance
    -Sapphire Circlet buffed. 3% Reflect Chance, 1% Spiritleech
    -Forgotten Helm buffed. 3% Lethality
    -Pyramid Helm buffed. 3% Block Chance
    -Pyramid Circlet buffed. 5% Reflect Chance
    -Biosteel Mask buffed. 2% Parry Chance
    -Biosteel Circlet buffed. 0.4% Spiritleech
    -Delgaroot Hat buffed. 2% Reflect Chance
    -Delga Hood buffed. 2% Dodge Chance

    -Hunter's Boots buffed. 0.2% Dodge Chance
    -Sweetbriar Shoes buffed. 0.2% Reflect Chance
    -Bathide Boots buffed. 0.4% Dodge Chance
    -Skythistle Boots buffed. 0.4% Reflect Chance
    -Desert Boots buffed. 0.6% Dodge Chance
    -Shadeleaf Shoes buffed. 0.6% Reflect Chance
    -Pyramid Boots buffed. 2.5% Block Chance
    -Delga Boots buffed. 0.8% Dodge Chance
    -Delgaroot Shoes buffed. 0.8% Reflect Chance
    -Glide Boots buffed. 3% Lethality

    -Jungle Leech buffed. 1.5% Lifesteal, 1.5% Spiritleech

    -Ashen Mushrooms now give 500 Herbalism Exp

    -Hunts now grant more exp

    -Desert Tortug +150 Exp
    -Desert Cobra +150 Exp
    -Desert Roc +50 Exp
    -Cactreant +50 Exp
    -New Desert Mob

    -Buffs now last a goodly time longer
    -Buff cooldowns now match their duration timers

    -Raw fish is no longer stackable

    -Cosmetic items will now display that they're indeed, cosmetics
    -Some items are now animated in your inventory
    -Some items are now animated on the map "floor"
    -Join ITimer is now 10 seconds instead of 20
    -Gem items can now have the "Glow" effect
    -Changed some base Bow sprites
    -Re-centered Bank window for all resolutions
    -Removed "Discovery" events
    -Some spell icons have been updated
    -Event Logic is back to normal speed
    -You can now use the Spacebar to automatically click "Continue" in dialogue
    -If you kill a player while defending yourself, you will not become a player killer

    -Max Level Players no longer recieve exp
    -Ranged NPC damage now has less lethality (armor pierce)
    -ETargetting (auto targetting closest player) now works as intended
    -You can now drop a stackable item if you have only 1 of them in your inventory
    -Class Advancement menu now displays center-screen on any resolution as intended
    -Most, if not all Unrecoverable DX8 Errors have been fixed
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  2. Knuck

    Knuck New Member Newbie

    Looks awesome keep up the good work!
    Nice quality of life fix as well thank you.
  3. Aronin

    Aronin New Member Newbie

    Thank you skyward,at least us mages have your attention.
    I love the drain spell
    I like the reflect status on the wander
    Ty for the defense buff on necro
  4. Aronin

    Aronin New Member Newbie

    Not wander,wands
    Danm corrector
  5. Essie

    Essie New Member Founder

    Amazing :)

    - I do hope people can't abuse the new PvP system with alts/friends, like a cooldown on receiving rewards on killing the same player or you having friends get killed and then your friend kills you and your friends for free stuff, etc. I can already see this happening :(

    - Please more bank space!

    - Don't know if you've forgotten to add it, but '(see "Spiritleech" for details)' for ex. is nowhere to be found?
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  6. Ieatpeople17

    Ieatpeople17 New Member Newbie

    When does this take effect?
  7. Aronin

    Aronin New Member Newbie

    The removal of pvp maybe a mistake,but the game need some balances btw classes for good.After the pvp gets fair and have it risks.
    since there was a nice balance in this update i fell the pvp remove was not necessary.
  8. neoken

    neoken New Member Newbie

  9. Lucky13

    Lucky13 New Member Newbie

    Yay, the patch I've been waiting for! The changes sound good to me (well, except raw fish being non-stackable. Would appreciate if other resources became stackable instead) :)
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  10. Aronin

    Aronin New Member Newbie

    I havent see any change in necromancer s defense,like...my def is 120 now,and before this update was 120 as well.
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  11. Aronin

    Aronin New Member Newbie

    The cooldown btw killing the same person is a very good ideal.
  12. Aronin

    Aronin New Member Newbie

    Danm corrector
  13. Lucky13

    Lucky13 New Member Newbie

    True true, my Necro's def appears to be the same as it was before the patch.

    Also as mentioned above:
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  14. Lucky13

    Lucky13 New Member Newbie

    Hmm, where is the "edit" button again?

    Meant to write:
    Also as mentioned above:
    What "Cosmetics"? Where? :confused:
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  15. Aronin

    Aronin New Member Newbie

    I cant edit in my cellphone
  16. W3eD

    W3eD New Member Founder

    Games to rewarding for team play and solo play is just unproductive. We need a balance between the two, some people only have a few hours to jump on or just don't like to play with others and were getting penalized for playing solo.
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  17. Aronin

    Aronin New Member Newbie

    I fell the same dude,solo play is more than a challenge and most people get sick of it.

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