[Alpha] Patch v1.4.2

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By Life Forge Team on May 13, 2017 at 12:37 AM
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    -Transform Spells
    -Sub-Class Change Items

    -"Entangle" Warden spell has been replaced with "Moose Form"
    -New Warden Spell "Bear Form"
    -New Warden Spell "Hedgehog Form"
    -New Warden Spell "Hawk Form"
    -Bows Buffed Globally

    ~Quality of Life
    -Armors can no longer aquire the Suffix " of Speed"
    -Memberships now take the form of an in-game consumable. Can be traded.

    ~Bug Fixes
    -Npc AOE Spells now work as intended

    ~PvP Tournament~
    Next Saturday (20th), Life Forge Staff will be hosting a PvP Tournament at a currently undisclosed location. There will be 2 brackets to the tournament: Duel and Conclave.

    The Winner of the Duel bracket will recieve an exclusive "Blood Wolf" mount, of which there are only currently 4 in the game. (purchased long before Steam)

    The Winning Party of the Conclave bracket will recieve an exlusive in-game cosmetic cape, signifying your victory in the Conclave.

    Duel Bracket~
    Players fight to the death in a 1v1 arena to prove their power to the world.

    Conclave bracket~
    Two parties of 4 duke it out in the Conclave to see which party will reign supreme.

    The Winners of both the Conclave bracket and the Duel bracket will recieve 10 Platinum.

    The Event will require a 25k Gold admission fee. Members may participate for free.

    ~Upcoming Updates~
    The coming updates will be launched as soon as they're finished as we don't want to make you all wait until Friday for more Bank Slots etc. These new "sporadic" updates will also include new content, but limited to the scope of what we already have established. We're gonna be focusing on polishing up what we have before upping the level cap, adding new higher level zones, etc.
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Discussion in 'Development Logs' started by Life Forge Team, May 13, 2017.

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