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By Life Forge Team on Sep 1, 2017 at 9:09 PM
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    -Clicking the Chest Icon on the UI now opens the Life Forge Wikia. While this Wiki still needs updating, it's a good source for a ton of info on Life Forge. (Press CTRL to exit the in-game Browser)

    -Members now get a %15 Discount on all Platinum Items from the Mythra Merchant

    -Wings! WINGS EVERYWHERE! (More to come as well)
    -Loot Crate III has arrived. Can Contain:
    -Tier V buff potions (120 minutes)
    -Skypilot Suit and Helm (Pink)
    -Skyhunter Suit and Helm
    -World Blessing
    -Turtloid Crate has arrive. Can Contain:
    -Turtloid Head or Body (Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple)
    -Legacy Crate I has arrived. This crate features some returning items as well as some brand new items. This crate will be available for all of September. Can Contain:
    -Fae Wings (White, Red)
    -Jack-O-Helm (Orange, Green)
    -Skull Mask (Red)
    -Darkroot (Transform)
    -Top Hat Raptor (Mount)

    -As a special thanks to customers who have been keeping the lights on for Life Forge, any player who has spent $500 or more will be recieving a Yin-Yang Drake. This drake matches the stats of the current Drakes, but few will have one, effecively making this the single rarest item in the game at the moment. Thank you so much for supporting Life Forge!

    -Blinding Ballad Cast Time -3s
    -Waking Dreams CD + 10s
    -Bards can now learn Flash
    -Ballad of Hope nerfed (-2/-2/-1 Vital/Spell Level)
    -Siphoning Song buffed
    -Gator Spell buffed
    -Flamespirit Spell Buff Changed to Willpower
    -Deadly Melody buffed
    -Song of Strength renamed to Stoic Tune
    -Harmful Tune buff
    -New Jester Spell "Dark Echo"
    -New Muse Spell "Earthsong"
    -New "Bard" gear drops

    -Maximum Weapon Speed is now 0.3s
    -Blademaster has a new Skill! "Honed Edge"
    -Cleric has a new Spell! "Spiritflame"

    Next update we want to have a full Main-Questline in place. This coupled with brand new zones, PvP rebalance, tons of side-quests, new PvP Zones, a new PvP Tower, and gameplay improvements, next update is sure to be a hit! Be sure to keep up to date with all things Life Forge!
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Discussion in 'Development Logs' started by Life Forge Team, Sep 1, 2017.

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