Boss drop mechanic issue and suggestion for fix

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Sebastion93, May 6, 2017.

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    This is a suggestion/complaint

    This game tends to punish people for being a tank or a healer in a boss fight I've noticed but rewards damage dealers greatly... Basically with the loot system only offering loot for the one to deal the last hit... This is a pretty bad issue for tanks and healers because we don't deal those high DPS numbers in a single hit. I can't tell you how many times I have missed out on loot all because I kept everyone alive by holding the boss off. Then they loot it and walk off leaving me with nothing or they try to sell me stuff I helped with obtaining.

    Seriously you need to fix it so those who participate in killing the boss get some loot, or maybe separate the boss loot into a container that only becomes lootable after killing the boss.

    Overall it's agitating when I want tank gear which already has an extremely low drop rate and the DPS gets dibs on it all and would rather sell it than to share with the group. Another good example of this issue is the Minotaur boss where you need the horn for the shortcut to the second town but only one person gets it... then that person will more than likely leave while the other 1-2 people sit and think "well shit"... It's a pretty bad mechanic for loot distribution from bosses.

    This mechanic also pisses me off when I have a kill 50 (monster name here) quest or a get this item quest which drops from a monster yet some asshole walks by last hitting everything I am fighting stumping my progress... This is something that has been making me take too many breaks in between things all because I am helpless and I can't do a damn thing...
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    This is an issue I feel all players that aren't a wizard, ranger, or blademaster have experienced when it comes to grinding mobs. I think the main issue is that the system rewards everything to the player that last hits, which basically punishes the player that tanks the mob. It seems odd to me that KSing is a bannable offense, yet KSing is a mechanic still in the game. Why not just change the mechanic entirely? As for the boss killing and sharing loot, even if it wasn't last hit based, there will always be a problem here and there isn't any game mechanic that can fix this other than implemented a need, greed, pass rolling system for item drops, which I don't think is a planned implementation. So for killing bosses as a tank, I recommend you party with people and only kill bosses with people you know, because you can trust that they won't try to take all the rewards.
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    Yeah it's a last hit issue but the boss part I recommended a separate loot chest so people have their own individual loot drop on boss kills. The issue is that they have some really nice tank gear with like a 1% drop rate but tanks are lucky to even get the second to last hit let alone last hit... Then you have to take into consideration that not everyone has friends they can party up with in this game whether it's do to their personality, trust issues, or so forth. Now like I said making a boss chest that only unlocks after defeating the boss would give a more balanced loot drop system for bosses. I don't like playing DPS but will be forced to only play DPS because of this problem and the fact that my friends do not like RPGs which makes me a solo player in these games.

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