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    Christmas Event & Information!
    December 16, 2017 - Life Forge
    Father Christmas has been kidnapped and is been held by people on the Naughty List. Who will be able to save Father Christmas? Presents and Tree's have begun to appear across the lands to make it feel more Christmassy whilst you try and save Christmas Day!

    "Father Christmas Rescue" where you will earn tokens to spend in the Christmas Shop on what ever you desire. This allows people to play and earn what they want, rather than force items on people. I hope to see everyone on and helping rescue Father Christmas!

    To celebrate Christmas, All purchases will get an extra +15%. This mean when buying Platinum you will get (rounded UP) :

    50 Plat > 58 Plat,
    110 Plat > 127 Plat,
    250 Plat > 288 Plat,
    500 Plat > 575 Plat.

    The Christmas Shop will be coming very soon which will include Furniture, Mounts, and Christmassy Cosmetics (Some [L] Limited items too!)

    The above Platinum offer ends December 26th.
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Discussion in 'Development Logs' started by Life Forge Team, Aug 9, 2018.

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