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    Hello, guys!

    I'm looking for players that will become my clients. I will supplying you with raw resources such logs, ores, and plants. (Currently working on t4 resources).

    The prices will be depending on the labor (which is pretty cheap), time, and NPC's buying price added together.
    Though, if you buy in bulks for certain items like stonetip arrows, the factor of labor is cut out of the equation.

    In the case of hides/leathers' prices, it will largely depend on the time and labor is put into.

    Both, individual players and guilds are welcome to PM me for this business venture and more information.

    Also, I am also looking for business partners in this business venture.

    See you guys in-game!

    (You can also contact me through LifeForge Discord, same IGN, Selvic)

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