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    To promote total inclusion, if you have questions and wish for it to be addressed please post it here.​

    All Questions posted below will be answered to the best of the Developers Ability.​

    (Some questions may be stored for a later Developer discussion. This is to keep things organized, and stop Developer discussion from going on for to long.)

    Questions posted here will be answered last. The Questions will be answered from top to bottom.

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  2. Life Forge Team

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    Question asked in the previous post.

    "Any future plans for an in-game bartering or selling system such as an auction house? "
  3. Berserker

    Berserker New Member Newbie

    Why do buffs last for such a short amount of time? I feel absolutely terrible playing a Guardian who has 4 buffs I need to have up at all times ( Courage, Stalwart, Bolster, Rage ). I mean, 3 out of 4 of my 5000 gold skills are buffs lol.

    Why does Crush, a melee skill str skill, only stun for 1 second, while Flash and backstab, two rangedish AGI skill stun for 2 seconds?

    Why does a 1H Weapon have 40 damage with 1s, while a two handed axe only have 56 with 2s? I understand the importance of damage in the formula, but there is just no way having 16 more damage at half the attack speed overcomes the 1H weapon + shield.

    Are there any plans for a 3rd class advancement?

    Shouldn't the green dino mount have the same HP as the Roc? Both have the same speed, and the Roc is pretty damn easy to farm or just buy in game.
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  4. Vinsec

    Vinsec New Member Newbie

    In old bug report it was said that starlight should heal clerics own SP pool also, this was never fixed. Could it be put on the list of bugs, again?

    The buff skills are complete arse and have no real point other than wasting SP, could the duration be increased to give them some use? Also Dark Aura and Bolster defence buff skills don't work at all, only buff skills that grant endurance,strenght and so on work.

    Right now perma targeting is a problem, could a fix be added when a player stealths you lose the target indicator when they are outside your stealth vision.

    Having different arrows is pretty pointless as the damage they give you is insignificant, could we change all arrows into 1 single version and if you have higher tier of wood and metal you just gain a lot more of them at once. Other option would be forcing bow tiers to use their own tier arrows "because the bow is too strong and arrow breaks otherwise". I personally like option 1 more, but its debatable both have good sides.

    Give knight,guardian,blademaster meditate skill since all hunter and magi classes have it. It scales with INT stat anyways, so it would make page life a little less painful.

    Change pyramid golems stun range to 1 tile now that they run like usain bolt.

    Make bosses mechanically difficult (horseman has best surprise factor, duskin has a lot of unique skills also), add minions to bosses etc. Pyramid bosses hitting random 5k at 3% chance doesn't make the fight difficult, but just annoying as you have no way to counter it. Give them a skill charge bar so you know a instant death skill is about to happen and counter it with stun/blind.
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  5. Essie

    Essie New Member Founder

    - AoE Buffs, like the Def buff Dark Aura, be a % buff instead. Good balancing. Maybe also for other buffs. Makes the buff less OP at lower levels and actually useful at higher levels.
    - A G.E. / place where you can sell and buy items. Maybe for a small fee, like 5% of sell price. (maybe also extra slots to sell items for members, or an item in cash shop to have no fee for an amount of time).
    - When we get more players, like 500-1000 active members for example every day, a Members-only world? Another extra thing where people could donate for.
    - Extra bank slots! or bigger bank. Please! :3
    - Guild members that are in another server, still show up online but with like a tag saying they are in another server.
    - When a guild members logs in (or logs out), other guild members get a message of it in chat (like when staff logs in on a server). Maybe an option to turn it off or on.
    - Friend list / block list. Possible party/guild inviting through friend list.
    - EXP/drops of mobs go to the highest damage dealer, or with bosses, the highest damage dealing party. And then party settings where you can change the loot systems (party leader only, free for all, roll...)
    - Revamp the PvP system/idea/maps to something different. Like PvP/PvE servers; idk.
    - Fun PK. Like you talk to an NPC in Armistin, they teleport you to a small PvP map, but you don't lose EXP there. And there players can test their damage / builds / buffs / heals / tankiness / etc. there. Would be nice.
    - Please. Nerf. those bow-wearing shitclasses. So fuking broken in PvP.
    - Buff cleric. Like. More buff spells, like % buffs as I suggested. Clerics do 0 damage. Are not great tanks (ok, there's guardian or whatever), but the things clerics can do is so little. Please more buff spells for cleric. And add willpower gear for clerics please.
    - I hope the Potion crafting will be coming soon. would help clerics out alot too. And maybe potions could be good but like 5 seconds cooldown. For a better solo PvE experience.

    My internet didn't work for a second when I tried to post, luckely there was a saved draft thingy. Hope I didn't forget something now.

    Also check out the #suggestions channel in discord for more detailed information about some subjects.

    These are just suggestions!!! Love the game :):) <3
  6. Turquoise

    Turquoise New Member Founder

    - Currently backstab teleports the player behind their target and faces them away from the target. Any chance it can be changed to continue facing the target?

    -Food seems to still be in issue in pvp, 3 seconds with high life healing pots basically makes it so you need to 2 or 3 v 1 inorder to get a kill before they run out of map. Solutions/ Discussion topics:

      • Make cooldown 10 sec (Might effect pve too much?)
      • Make stuns more of a stun, less of a root. While stunned you cannot cast any skill/spell/or heal with food. Doing this will allow food being on a 3 sec cooldown more balanced
    -Have cleric heals only heal party members. Will make pvp more viable for them

    -Not sure if bug or not but seems warden's healing spells only heal themselves instead of target (Believe it says "heals selected target")

    -Blademaster to be class to duel wield swords (if it can be implemented)

    -Cash Shop Idea, Potion which grants player 2x spell / skill leveling for 1 hour (2 points instead of 1 per use)

    -QoL Things

      • Have SpaceBar or Enter key simulate "Click" instead of only being able to click Accept in trades etc
      • Have arrow keys (or wasd) navigate menu items like Accept Cancel (Goes with Space/Enter for executing current selection)
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  7. Ail

    Ail New Member Newbie

    I know the statues were discussed earlier, but I see also the "extra reward" from the $100 package is now gone. Is that still happening for people who purchased the package earlier, and what kind of things are acceptable submissions for the reward?
  8. MrHicKLiCiouS

    MrHicKLiCiouS New Member Newbie

    Going off of a question I have asked at a developer discussion, what exactly is the main purpose for an estoc ? Like what were your intents for this type of sword? I know balancing has been discussed many many times but what would be the reason I would ever want to choose an estoc (which gives str and agi) over a sword which gives just str and scales on a sword class?
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    STEELFROST New Member Founder Newbie

    Friends List + Blacklist feature : See what friends are online. Blacklist someone if you don't want to see their messages for whatever reason.

    Style Tab: Ik this was just asked in DD3, but can we have a separate tab for it and also not risk losing it upon death in PvE or PvP
  10. Hart

    Hart New Member Newbie

    Any plans on lore or making more storylines within the game and quests? Even background stories of the classes. As an author myself, I need this. (like i need drugz)(jk)
  11. Zeus

    Zeus New Member Founder Newbie

    Is there any possibility of adding an NPC within Gandor named something along the lines of "Wik" or "Wiki" and allow this to give a clickable link to the wiki? This would be for players that might not know there is a wiki for this new game.
  12. Ail

    Ail New Member Newbie

    Have you considered opening up party sizes to be expanded to accommodate the raids areas such as Pyramid?
  13. Crystian Alexis

    Crystian Alexis New Member Newbie

    Are you planning on fixing Aggro system?
  14. Frozen

    Frozen New Member Newbie

    Will there be a possibility to reset your subclass like you can with your skills and talents?
  15. BananaMonkeyTaco

    BananaMonkeyTaco New Member Newbie

    Remove needing an axe to make planks?
  16. Adrian

    Adrian New Member Newbie

    Do you have any news on when Cleric's will become finished? I enjoy Cleric but I feel underwhelmed atm with my skill set.
  17. Crystian Alexis

    Crystian Alexis New Member Newbie

    Is any Luck (increases drop rate in items) food, potion will be added?, like hard to cook, requires high cooking skill
  18. Essie

    Essie New Member Founder

    - very small chance for a lucky item (like an apple when cutting trees, a gem when mining ores) maybe higher chance with higher skill level (0.1% chance at lvl 1, 5% chance at lvl 50)
    - req. skill level on tools (a lvl 1 can wear t4 tools and level up rapidly)
    - no items stacked anymore (only stuff like arrows), but you can note them in the vault (like in RS) but the items are not useable then, but easier to sell or trade.
  19. BananaMonkeyTaco

    BananaMonkeyTaco New Member Newbie

  20. Luci

    Luci New Member Newbie

    Have you guys considered implementing a chance for equipped items to drop in pvp?

    How about open world objectives that are pvp-driven?

    There's little to no incentive right now to pvp at level cap right now. I'm hoping you guys will push more towards pvp driven content/mechanics moving forward.
    (i.e. Guild vs. Guild open world sieges, Castles that can be fought over for control that provide valuables over time, Dueling etc.)
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