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    FACTION SYSTEM - Kills for Honor and Reputation!

    How this would work is basically you kill enemies in a certain area to gain x amount of Reputation Points to the town the area is based on. For example, if you killed a Nightstalker Toad, you would gain x amount of points to the Gultan Faction, or gain reputation from killing Old Bones in the Marken Area. Harder/Higher Level Monsters would give more Reputation Points. Bosses would give a generous amount.

    Now there's two methods where this could be executed:

    1. Faction Levels/Ranks - When you gain enough Reputation, you will achieve the next Rank/Level of that Faction.

    Level 1 - Neutral
    Level 2 - Recognized
    Level 3 - Honored
    Level 4 - Exalted
    Level 5 - Praised
    Level 6 - Transcendent

    2. Currency - This is similar to all mainstream farming, however it would be a passive currency that doesn't take u a slot in your inventory. Could build a menu showing how many honor points you have for the Faction you're killing enemies for.

    Doing all this, depending on whichever method of execution would be chosen (in my opinion, I would put my 100% vote on Method 1: Faction Levels/Ranks), which personally I feel it would be fresh and new, since there's so many things in Life Forge now that you grind for in terms of item drops and currency, you could have access to items only obtainable through the Faction System. Equipment and Cosmetics, maybe better rings, new kinds of spells. If Method 1 was chosen, you could make the requirements in the fashion of needing a certain Rank to be able to purchase an item. Choice of currency in terms of how to obtain the item, whether it be gold or be an item that's like Marshweed or Marken Blood, that would be up to devs, but there's definitely many ideas to throw up in the air here.


    I highly doubt that this section even needs to be explained, considering any gamer knows that countless games have achievements these days. Achievements for killing a certain boss/enemy, getting x amount of kills, reaching level milestones, etc.
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