Hey, I'm Louis! And I'm pretty careless, so I die a lot!

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    See someone lurking stealthily in an area that is way out of his League, picking up leftover items or even farming advanced materials he can't even craft into tools (that I wouldn't even be able to use anyway with his level yet), then that...
    is me. (Probably, I don't know if I've got a behavioral(is this even a word xD) twin out there :3)

    I'm 20years old, living in germany, always on the lookout for new ways to consistently waste my time on the internet lol.

    I've been playing for about a week now, I'm a level 21 Hunter(80% towards level 22) And even though I can't even solo kill any mobs in the Delga Jungle, I already have the teleportspell to the town in the marshes behind the desert xD (I'm currently working on making a full set of Delga Tools and Weapons before I can even use them or kill anything there for that matter :3

    Yesterday I was level 20 and standing next to the FIrefly Knight (Level 50), wondering if I could shoot an arrow at him and enter stealth before he murders me ( I didn't do it in the end xD)
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    Haha. Hey Louis. Nice to have you with us :D

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