Horse Salesman: Purchasing Horse

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  1. sneadles

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    Severity: High
    Repeatable: Unsure - I'd rather not lose my gold again but seems very likely I'll lose it.
    Map Name: Gandor Road
    NPC Name: Horse Salesman

    Issue: Purchased horse from merchant (losing gold) and did not receive my mount token to use.
    Steps to repeat: Have a full inventory and buy the horse token. The token will not show up in your inventory or on the ground but your gold will be taken from your character.

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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  2. djMack

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    Out of the box merchant-manning there.
  3. Nika

    Nika Game Designer Staff Member Administrator Founder

    We'll look into adding a "drop item" feature when buying things with a full inventory. We recommend however, not doing so. Even with the drop on full inventory feature, players will have the chance to run by and steal your item while you're trying to situate which item in your inventory is useless enough to drop. Please try to use your vault as much as possible! :D
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  4. sneadles

    sneadles New Member Newbie

    that or simply not taking the gold from you and giving the message "Your inventory is full." It kind of sucks to lose 3500 gold (all that i had as a newb) and not get my mount :(

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