How to Fix Runtime / Automation Error

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  1. Riptide

    Riptide New Member Newbie

    Hello! This guide is for those who may be experiencing a runtime/automation error similar to the following:

    Run-time error '-2147024770(8007007e)':

    Automation error
    The specific module could not be found.

    This is a common issue and can be resolved quickly with a couple simple steps:

    1. First, uninstall and re-download Life Forge.
    2. Next, open File Explorer and go to Windows C > Program Files x86 > Steam > steamapps > common > Life Forge ORPG and click on the runtime application.
    3. Install all of the Life Forge required files and immediately restart you computer.
    4. After restarting, please make sure to not open Life Forge through Steam. Instead, once again go to Windows C > Program Files x86 > Steam > steamapps > common > Life Forge ORPG and double click the Life Forge application. This should allow you to open Life Forge correctly.
    5. Finally, after opening and playing Life Forge successfully for the first time, restart you computer once again and Life Forge should now run properly from the Steam application.

    I hope that this was helpful and fixed your error. Please comment below if this process did or did not work for you. Thanks!

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  2. Manueh

    Manueh New Member Newbie

    Hello! I have the same problem but with another error number the run time error '-2005532292 (8876017c)' I do not think it's the same mistake that's why I write this comment please I need your help I'd love to prove your game and I can not because of this error :'( Thanks for reading :) [​IMG]
  3. Rhy

    Rhy New Member Newbie

    Did you follow the steps outlined in this guide? There's no point in trying to troubleshoot further until you confirm that you followed the steps outlined above exactly.
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  4. Manueh

    Manueh New Member Newbie

    If I have already done these steps several times but I think I have another problem since every time I did not have any effect the game was still the same so I ask for help :(
  5. Rhy

    Rhy New Member Newbie

    What OS are you running?
  6. Manueh

    Manueh New Member Newbie

    I have Windows 7 on my laptop ACER ASPIRE ONE.
  7. Rhy

    Rhy New Member Newbie

    If you are still having this issue message me on Discord, you can find me in the Life Forge Discord server, same name and picture.

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