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Discussion in 'Submissions' started by SyntheticSponge, May 19, 2017.

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    Hi, I'm SyntheticSponge (Sponger in game). I've loved music since I was born, and have wanted to make music for awhile. Cultivating my skills and nourishing my talent with knowledge I made some (very basic) pieces. When I found Life Forge I saw possibility to help them in development, making music for their new zones and such.

    I did just that, making an experimental piece to test my skill set for a forest-type zone found here.

    A couple days later after one of Zeta's zone making streams, I made a piece fit to that zone which can be found here.

    I would love for your guys' criticism and critiquing to better my music in hopes of being able to join the team and make music just for Life Forge.
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    Good work, I think that if you talk with the devs you might have something here. The maracas in the first sample were a bit over-bearing though in my opinion.
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