Is dagger Agi or Str based weapon?

Discussion in 'General Disussion' started by Gaspin, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. Gaspin

    Gaspin New Member Newbie

    Hi guys, dagger scales on agi or str or both? Cause its give end str and agi, for equip dagger of lv 20 you need 15 str, idk if that a little mistake on creation of dagger or if that supposed to be str.

    If that str based... so shade str/agi?
  2. Wandice

    Wandice New Member Newbie

    The only dagger that is based on agi for the time being is the Dusk Dagger, the rest is in str
  3. Vulgaris

    Vulgaris New Member Newbie

    I can confirm the starfire dagger at least scales with agi.

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