Knight or Guardian?

Discussion in 'Questions' started by Sebastion93, May 5, 2017.

  1. Sebastion93

    Sebastion93 New Member Newbie

    I want to play a tank class but I solo often but in groups I prefer to tank... So I was wondering how is knight as a tank in group play vs guardian in solo play? This is ultimately going to decide my choice in class advancements...
  2. Rhy

    Rhy New Member Newbie

    Guardian = More HP and Defense (More tanky)
    Knight = More damage than Guardian but less tanky, and less damage than Blademaster but more tanky

    Guardians are the main tanks in the game but Knights do pretty well. Generally Blademaster or Guardian is better though because Guardian is more tanky and Blademaster has an aoe.
  3. Sebastion93

    Sebastion93 New Member Newbie

    Alright I was wondering I will probably go guardian after playing a page up to lvl 21 over night. I was wondering because I played some games where playing a tank was horrible solo due to things still killing you faster than you can kill them... it got annoying in some games. But thankfully it doesn't seem that way in this game.

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