Launcher Issue?

Discussion in 'Bugs and Other Issues' started by Tael, May 11, 2017.

  1. Tael

    Tael New Member Newbie

    Fairly certain the steam launcher has issues after repeatedly hearing about being able to change servers, screenshot of my launcher window to be verified if its an issue or im just missing something.

    Since installation it has always appeared graphically a little off but I assume it was just a work in progress.

    To try and resolve it I have;

    1) Validated files in steam, 55 were unvalidated so I fully reinstalled game through steam and revalidated ( 100% second time ) issue persisted.
    2) Reinstalled run times, issue persisted. Also oddly checking validation again afterward showed 55 unvalidated files in steam again.
    3) Manually removed game ( all files in Steam/steamapps/common/ ), restarted system, reinstalled, issue persisted

    System specs:

    Intel Core2Duo E4500
    Windows 7 Home SP1 64-bit
    Intel HD 4400

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  2. Draken

    Draken New Member Newbie

    Check your DPI settings.
  3. Tael

    Tael New Member Newbie

    That was the problem, thanks Draken
    Usually keep mine at 150% thanks to poor vision otherwise I cant read anything

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