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    Alrighty, straight to the point.

    I'm making a guild, but more specifically; a Merchant's Guild!

    My goal is to create a loosely organized group with high set of standards with the key purpose of connecting merchants and adding stability to the trading market.

    Want to trade in bronze? No worries.

    Want to stick to iron? No problem.

    Moving up to the sandy stuff? We can help.

    Want to try to find someone to buy your slick new green goodies? Good luck, hope you find someone rich.

    Consistency and reliability alongside a good impression can do wonders for opening up opportunities, and it is my hope that the founding and expansion of this guild will provide it members business contracts and healthy amounts of profit.
    That being said, we will be motivated for profit, with personal interests above group interests. Independent action is highly sought after, as the guild will be modeled to act more as a trading hub than a regimented organization. As such, the only thing resembling ranks will be the Guild master (Me), Partners (You), and new inductees who want to learn the ropes to trading.

    The rules for profit will be as follows:


    Whatever you earn working with/through the guild by yourself is YOURS to keep. There will be no membership dues unless previously agreed upon by guild member consensus.

    A buyer will only interact/trade with ONE member of the guild per order. The guild member will be considered the Contractor, and the buyer the Contractee. Any helpers brought into help with the order (inside the guild or out), will be considered 'Sub-Contractors'.

    Any Sub-Contractors that work with you will be paid by the % they contributed to the buyer's order.
    Say they contributed 16 iron bars out of the total of 20 iron bars, you must pay them 80% of what you are receiving from the Buyer.

    "Contract Fees" for the Contractor who initated/is handling the deal can be applied within reason, but remember to make sure that the cut you take is fair to your sub-contractors. I highly suggest not using Contract Fees, but if you do so, 10% is somewhat reasonable.
    An example of this is say that you had an order worth 5,000gp. Your sub-contractor contributed 50%. The fee will be calculated as follows: Take your fee directly from the order value, and then split the remainder by contribution. Say you take your 10% fee, 500gp, the remaining 4,500gp is then split 50%/50%. You, the Contractor, will make 2,750gp, while your sub-contractor will take away 2,250gp. This is just an example.

    If you use helpers to help you gather materials, you will pay them BEFORE transacting with your final buyer. Money lending/trust holding will not be assisted, the guild will not deal with the mountains of bull^%#& that follows "he said, she said, he owes me 50k." Make sure you pay up front, and receive up front as the guild will not be backing up money claims.

    The guild will not be responsible for any personal losses of giving money through trust. Additionally, any losses sustained through PVPing will not be the guild's responsibility.

    PvP will not be a core part of our guild, but nonetheless there may be situations where profit can be made. Being a 'mercenary' is a business transaction after all. Just remember though, if you're out killing while using the name of the guild it better damn well be for money while taking a somewhat neutral stance.

    What you do in your own time is your own business, just don't drag the Guild's name in mud.
    Keep your reputations clean or else the Guild may not continue doing business with you.

    If you think you might be interested in joining up, just remember that it doesn't matter if its your first day or your first month, we'll welcome you if you follow the contract and conduct yourself favorably. Send me a message if you're interested in joining up.

    Happy (Wallet) Hunting!

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    This is EXACTLY what I wanted to do. Can we get on sometime together and further talk about this?
  3. Zexus

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    This sounds awesome and exactly like something I would enjoy being apart of.

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