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    AUSLER New Member Newbie

    hey, i have been playing this game for a while now and really enjoying it
    my problem is that there is a movement glitch that happens quite a lot to me
    so far there are 2 almost guaranteed ways for this to happen
    1) walking into a new area
    2) getting attacked by an enemy

    here's and example
    a spider thing(i forgot the name) will attack you, as the ranged hero I am i try to run away and this works for about 2 blocks, then i get moved back 2 blocks again, move 2 back 2, and this goes on to the point where when I should have moved 10 blocks forward i actually just moved 2 blocks.

    the only way to stop it from moving you is to stop for about a second or so

    I am really enjoying this game and want it to improve throughout the next years, I know being a dev is tough ( I am one myself) but I'm not writing this to dox your game saying its kak, but rather to help improve it and make it flourish!
  2. Excelsior

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    I've noticed this from time to time. It seems to be lag-related. Especially prevalent during peak hours. Also could be computer performance, as I'll watch my children encounter this(on lower end computers) while I have no trouble. When you notice it happening, perhaps you could run a speed test on your internet connection and reply with the results? I'd be especially interested to know the cause of this as well.
  3. Ieatpeople17

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    Much smoother game experience when not in full screen mode

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