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    All classes need a buff.

    Guardian: The best Tanker in the game, has the ability to sustain itself for a long time. The least damage of the game.

    Knight: A character with a large number of disables and debuff, half attack.

    Blademaster: The best character with damage abilities of the pages. Specialized in two-handed weapons.

    Warden: Hybrid character mixed with sustainability and damage skills, specialized in using quick weapons.

    Range: Character that possesses trap skills, possessing a hybrid attack of near or long reach.
    Add attributes by using Mid-Range

    Shade: Best damage character in the game, but very fragile. A true killer of the shadows

    Necromancer: A character who has life-saving abilities or mana from damage through the death of monsters, a medium damage.

    Wizard: A mage capable of giving damage in AoE and impressive. Massive damage.

    Cleric: It has the best buffs in the game besides being the best support, supports groups with healing and mana recovery.

    Another question.

    Quick weapons need to give only 1/3 the damage of a two-handed weapon, but hit 3 times faster. example:

    Dagger Dusk Damage 20, Attack per second 0.3. Atribute 15
    Jungle Jian Damage 30, Attack per Second 0.5. Atribute 20
    Sycthe Shambler Damage 60, Attack per Second 1.2 Atribute 40

    However Distant weapons have high damage but are not matched to near-range weapons. Example

    Jungles Bow Damage 40, Attack per Second 1.0. Atribute 25
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    A lot of good points you have raised, however I feel this post is teetering on the edge of suggestions.
    Nonetheless I will keep it here. Thanks for enjoying the game and providing your input.
    Will you be joining us at the dev discussion?

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