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Discussion in 'General Disussion' started by Rhy, Apr 29, 2017.

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    While I haven't been able to test out the other changes in patch 1.4, I have looked at the new UI and font and must say that I am quite disappointed. I love this game and so far have put in about 30 hours, and I liked the minimalist design with the older UI. Of course there are/were definitely many things that could have been improved, but these changes are just overbearing and quite frankly visually unflattering. The borders are much too thick for the resolutions available for the game, making it appear that borders take up a large portion of screen real-estate (I'm pretty sure the borders were enlarged inwards so in reality it takes no more space but it sure looks like it does). As for the new font, it is also visually unappealing and really doesn't match with the feel of the game nearly as much as the older font did, not to mention the odd gradient and weird looking anti-aliasing on overhead character text in specific. The new font also makes it harder to read text in the game.

    I understand that not everybody will agree with what I said considering they are visual aspects and have no real effect on gameplay, but I would like to request a different new UI or the old one, as well as a different font or the old one. Or if possible, please provide the old game files so we can use the old UI and fonts if we choose to do so.

    Thanks for reading.

    PS: If this is the wrong place to post this please move this thread thank you.
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    I agree! While I don't entirely dislike the changes, I would prefer the old font/gui. So at least providing an option or download of the old font and GUI style would be very appreciated.
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    The new font is a little difficult to read, but I can probably get used to that. The only thing that bugs me is the new status bar UI. It looks alright, but it's a bit difficult to read at a glance if you're getting low on HP just due to the lack of contrast between all of the UI elements up in the corner. The contrast between the 'filled' portion of the bars, and the 'empty' (lost) portion of the bars makes it a bit harder to see out of the corner of your eye.
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    I'll see about having a option for you guys!
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