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  1. Muminos

    Muminos New Member Newbie


    I am from Poland.
    When i play i have ping 500+ and somthimes 5000.
    Do someting with this because can't play:/
    When game start on stream will be more players and they will leave because of lags....​
  2. Kiyo

    Kiyo Member Newbie

    Im also from poland and i actually fells lags in pvp battles. But yea, devs are thingking about it. So there is a chance to see some europe servers soon.
  3. mixxarn

    mixxarn Moderator Staff Member Moderator Founder Newbie

    Currently the Life Forge servers is based in LA, which makes for example EU connection a bit wonky as stated above, I personally know how it feels playing from the EU myself.
    We're working on the issue regarding ping.
    We thank you for your input and patience.

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