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Discussion in 'Bugs and Other Issues' started by Dekadenzia, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. Dekadenzia

    Dekadenzia New Member Newbie

    Well i was normal, but one guy attacked me, i def from him killing him, and im pk now...
  2. Draken

    Draken New Member Newbie

    It would only make you not a PK if he was already red. If someone attacks you when you are white and they are white then one of you will turn red no matter what.( I know I'm not staff but trust me I know a lot about this engine more than most around here XD)
  3. Dekadenzia

    Dekadenzia New Member Newbie

    So they must add name colours but usefull not just for members or pks, like UO, we all start blue name if u kill someone blue u get gray, if u kill example:10 blues u get red, easy
  4. Draken

    Draken New Member Newbie

    Yea or it could be set up so if you hit a player instead on if you kill a player. This way once someone attacks a white player they will auto go red making the white player stay white for defending one self. Only problem there would be from accidental hitting someone.


    Red for player kill
    Orange for player assault
    White for normal

    and when a white kills/hits an orange / red they wouldn't change.

    IDK just throwing ideas out lol.
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