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Discussion in 'Questions' started by BlueLizard, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. BlueLizard

    BlueLizard New Member Newbie

    Under Options I put the resolution on the 3rd option, but now the bottom part of the game is cut off so I'm unable to see the chat, but more importantly, unable to see the Options icon to be able to click on it to change it back.

    So now I'm left with having to play the game in full screen mode (which is what I normally do anyways but still would like it fixed). I was unable to figure out a way to change the resolution back to option #1 or #2. Already tried putting the Options as a quick key but no option to do so. Also unable to change the resolution when in full screen mode.

    Does anybody know a solution for this ?
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  2. Sanbk

    Sanbk New Member Newbie

    Yes, I had the same problem and actually found how to solve it.

    You need to go to the main folder of Life Forge ORPG, after that, you need to search the subfolder Data files, and edit the file of "Config", in the under part of it, you are going to see the Resolution= 3, change that 3 to 1 that is the small screen.

    I'm not natal english, so sorry for my bad typos.
  3. BlueLizard

    BlueLizard New Member Newbie

    Thank you for the suggestion. I downloaded this game in Steam (since I couldn't figure out how to get the game working using the (2) downloads on this site) so how do I open the folder? Right-clicking on the icon doesn't give any options to go inside the files.
  4. BlueLizard

    BlueLizard New Member Newbie

    Figured it out, finally. I just have to do this in my Steam client. Thanks for your help.
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