Pure AGI Build for Hunter Classes

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    Build being really outdated by now and will be updated upon new tier set and content release.
    Stick to the hybrid build for now for survivalbility for group play (bosses does aoe damage and this will not be really viable).



    20274 - Basic Attack (No Crit)
    30684 - Basic Attack + Crit
    55342 - Stealth Hit (No Crit)
    74260 - Stealth Hit + Crit


    30548 - Basic Attack + Effective (No Crit)
    43863 - Basic Attackt + Effective + Crit
    69085 - Stealth Hit + Effective (No Crit)
    125310 - Stealth Hit + Effective + Crit
    (Possible to do 175k on Typhon on Very Effective condition)


    19159 - Basic Attack (No Crit)
    27000 - Basic Attack + Crit
    43008 - Stealth Hit (No Crit)
    76250 - Stealth Hit + Crit


    27666 - Basic Attack + Effective (No Crit)
    41782 - Basic Attackt + Effective + Crit
    77905 - Stealth Hit + Effective (No Crit)
    109960 - Stealth Hit + Effective + Crit
    (Possible to do 150k on Typhon on Very Effective condition)

    This build is for endgame purpose of Patch 1.4.1 (Rollable stats)

    Talent Priority:
    Defensive Talents
    is first to go for extra HP/SP and AGI boost.
    Special Talents, focus on 10 Flurry and stop after that for AGI boost.
    Offensive Talents, Build up the middle tree of it and maximize the Agility.
    Special Talents, Make sure to get Eye of The Void ASAP before you max out Patience is a Virtue for endgame at 45-55.

    All stats poured into AGI, self-explanatory for this build.
    Topaz/Gem should be switched (-3 agi) for whatever monsters/boss you are farming for the elemental weakness. http://lifeforge.wikia.com/wiki/Topaz

    Enigmatic (+10 AGI Stats) for pure AGI

    Prefix & Sufix on Equipment:

    Prefix: Epic (common sense, have the highest prefix for max value of sufix)
    Sufix: Archer (+AGI) or Damage (On weapons) or Speed (On weapons) or Stranger (%Lethality)

    Archer: Increases our total AGI for maximum scaling with skills and basic attacks. (This is the most well balanced stats to increase our damage for high numbers aswell as DPS).
    Damage (On weapons): A flat increase of damage will increase the damage of our basic attacks that we use most of the time. This is mostly used for high stealth hits or high number.
    Speed (on weapons): This might not increase our attack range but it will definately raise the DPS if we can attack faster. (This is the only purpose of hitting things faster on basic attack combined with elemental weakness of Topaz)
    Stranger: Lethality has been tested recently and increases your attacks the higher %lethal you have. Could be argueable for best stats to go for in PvP because of it's armor penetration.

    Each sufix needs to be tested on what's fastest for solo grinding/boss killing etc. I'd recommend Archer for now as we intend to go pure AGI.

    Due to rollable stats I believe T6 Crafting gear with Epic Archer/Stranger might be granting more AGI & Lethality thus for more DPS as a glass cannon rather than the PVP gear for most part.

    Once again the topaz shouldn't just be focused on Silver Topaz unless there's no elemental weakness on the enemy you are farming/grinding. It's better to have (very) effective on enemies as it doubles the damage compare to +3 flat AGI stats.

    New items added:

    Fang is dropped by Malice aswell as the Spider Stinger. Broken stats is an unfortunate thing but it does not affect much as the defense is still 0. High lethality on each item making them great as PvP weapon. Fang is 2-handed weapon and the speed stats would serve really well, however the sufix of Speed is currently bugged(?).

    Alternative items:


    Draken bow is dropped by Marshmuck (Boss). Currently the only bow that's high enough unless you can't farm one then stick to a T6 Darksky Bow.
    Darktip Arrows is a T6 craftable consumable that requires Carpentry 25 to craft (But also 25 Smithing for the bars as it cost 1 bar 1 plank).

    As mentioned earlier, I am missing out some equipment pieces that yields more AGI than the PVP set. Another BiS would be the Peacemaker (Honor 1h Bow) which is definately best in slot in the game now.

    This build should be for those who prefer being glass cannon and kiting mobs.
    This is mostly suitable for group play when you have a tank that taunts as you are the main dps.

    Enjoy being squishy but deadly.

    - Chibi

    Walking around in Pure AGI build with 49% lethality.
    Pretty punishing if you miss/dodge/parry/block/reflect the stealth hit.
    Otherwise it's a one shot kill move on most targets.

    Target: 3300 HP, STR build, Defense: n/a

    Personal Tank Build

    Talen system & Cap routes
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    - Updated to Patch 1.4.1 (with rollable stats)

    - Talent priority added on the guide.
    - Added image of Mask of Malice as Missing item for build

    - Added link to topaz/elemental weakness

    - Added image to detailed info of Gear.
    - Added Alternative weapon choice
    - Added information about weapon drop & craftable arrows.

    - Updated agi build image with Enigmatic Title stats
    - Added image of High damage.
    - Added secondary image of High damage including crit. 50k HYPE!
    - Added image of basic attack on Duskin Devil

    - Added recommended sufix on the rollable stats
    - Added link to prefix/sufix page for more information
    - Added links to other builds and guides

    - Explaining about rollable T6 gear & mentioning Peacemaker (Honor 1h Bow) is Best in slot

    - New builds updated. Lethality & leech build
    - New items updated. Fang & Spider Stinger
    - Added PvP video
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    Thanks a lot friend, this is helping me a lot your guide, I'm newbie, I'm in lv 28, and you helped me a lot, thanks again xD
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