PvP ruins this game.

Discussion in 'General Disussion' started by Adro, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. Adro

    Adro New Member Newbie

    I'm not saying PvP in general ruins it. People are abusing it. How do you expect newer players to advance or enjoy the game when you have people camping red maps? Using tactics such as inviting to party for distraction/not being able to move so that they can stun you and kill you. Not to mention a 2vs1 fight with a 4 level advantage?
    Why are level 25s even able to Pk anyone from 20-24 when they have the class advancement buff as an advantage also? It's one thing to Pk someone but camping them should be considered harassment.
    I shouldn't be forced to have to PvP if i don't want to. Non-PvPers should have the same opportunity to advance in the game as PvPers do.
    There should be more safe maps that feature the same mobs in higher level red areas. Just increase exp gained in red areas for the risk of it.
    Players are abusing pvp in every way they can by finding exploits and camping. It's shitty and a bad look for the game.
  2. Kiyo

    Kiyo Member Newbie

    U cant just get everything in one safe map. Sometimes u have risk to get some other things, thats what gives this game more sense. But i can understand this brutal tactics like spaming with invites to the party, thats of course should be punished.
    If i can suggest, write about it in the suggestion forum, because im sure this stun while getting a party invite should be gone as soon as possible, also if u got any of the similar situations please contact mods about it and im sure they will do something with this guys! c:

    I hope i helped.
  3. Wrath

    Wrath Unforgiving Founder

    Hola @Adro.

    PvP has been removed from most if not all areas @ Mt. Ironstar for this very reason, for newbies to get their feet wet and understand the game mechanics/fundamentals to a higher extent than the tutorial area. Outside of the 1st town and its surrounding areas are dangerous and this is intentional.
    With this said, there are plenty of safe high level areas to farm and experience the game (and even fight bosses) without having to PvP, however with the added risks that PvP is rewarded with a less populated area in which to improve your character.

    Admittedly this is an open-PvP world game so PvP without consent will always be a thing.
    However rest assured there are various anti-griefing mechanics in the works, so PvP will have to be a calculated decision with much bigger penalties. For the time being you should look into your itemization as that heavily influences your effective life and perhaps make some friends before you go venturing into the deep :)
  4. djMack

    djMack New Member Newbie

    I fully agree that Open-PvP is this game. You have to deal with it. I'd personally prefer if all main advancement paths were non-PvP tho. Making only side maps PvP. So if there is an area I need to go to in order to advance a Main-quest or travel to the next city I'm not forced to travel through a Camped area. Either way tho, the game is what it is currently, so just go with the flow till things get to a point where changes must be made for the majority.
  5. zambiresk

    zambiresk New Member Newbie

    I think the best way to reduce abuse is to do pvp, doing the same on the tibia, putting penalties for unjustified amounts of "deaths."
  6. Aronin

    Aronin New Member Newbie

    at least make a item that can protect solo players,cuz is nearly impossible 2 ignore those partys of pvp players,its hard to pass trought the pvp areas if you re alone.
  7. Godsmacker

    Godsmacker Member Founder

    I understand it is open PvP game so not so frustrating for me but I agree a penalty for those abusing their power or just plain being jerks should be implemented.
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  8. howsitgoinm8

    howsitgoinm8 New Member Newbie

    A level 28 blademaster just killed 3 level 25 hunters that were attacking him, I could do no damage to him and he just teleports to me and 2 shots me, how is that even fair? No skill at all just pure bs. How?? Should everyone just pick blademaster because every other class is shit and does no damage to players?

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