PvP! Where's it headed?

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Life Forge Team, Apr 16, 2017.

By Life Forge Team on Apr 16, 2017 at 11:31 PM
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    Hey guys!

    So, after viewing the update video (found HERE) we want to know YOUR opinions on where to take PvP in Life Forge!

    Option A. Make new offshoot maps that are rich in resources, bonus gold drops, and maybe even bonus exp. These new maps will be PvP focused.

    Option B. Put it back to what it used to be! Open PvP is part of Life Forge!
    (for those of you new to Life Forge, first of all, welcome! Second of all: PvP used to be located on several main pathways maps such as almost all of the Duskin Desert and the Delga Jungle Caves)

    Personally we're leaning towards Option A, but we look forward to hearing your thoughts!​
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After reading the thread, what do YOU want out of PvP?

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  1. Option A.

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  2. Option B.

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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Life Forge Team, Apr 16, 2017.

    1. Luci
      I don't like either option, so won't be voting on it.

      Seperate PvE from PvP. Give us very specific PvP zones that are strictly meant for PvP, and equipped gear will also drop on death (with a chance of breaking). That will give PvPers a reason to go out on the field and PvP, it will give PvE'rs the option to not partake, and it will create an economy where gear is actively being destroyed and replaced by crafters.
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    2. Xuven
      Personally I love open world PvP, dying in PvP has never bothered me and like in most online RPG's/MMO's I love the thrill of random PvP combat.

      I'd rather see separate PvE and PvP servers (Keep PvP servers as the current, and create fresh PvE servers where everyone would have to start again.) if you are a PvP character you cannot trade with a PvE character and vice versa.

      Or I'd be fine with how it is, personally.
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    3. OldLinion
      I agree with Luci. I don't exactly agree with either option. A PvP focused high reward zone is always a nice place to have in a RPG due to it's high risk high reward, but I believe an issue is that some servers usually only have a few people on so you could always go to a low populated server to get the high risk high reward hold the risk. Although this may just end up balancing the population on all servers since people will be attempting to switch to the lowest populated one.

      A game on Steam, Eldevin, great game, though it lost it's player base a year ago, they have a system where you go to a non PvP location, you talk to an NPC, you are taken to the center of an island. Then in the fenced off center, you hit an orb on the map that takes you to one of the random locations on the coasts of the island, and then it is pure PvP. All items harvested have higher yield and are stackable. I believe they called it something that implied it was only to be sold on the black market but I can't remember. Anyway, after you got your loot, (If you haven't gotten killed by another player while trying to harvest. You drop only the "black market goods", not anything in your inventory.) you can escape through one of the exits along the coast, teleport back to either the center or to the non PvP NPC, either way you can return back to safety. Then you convert the stackable black market goods, to non stackable regular goods.

      The issue Eldevin had with it's PvP is that it made everyone against each other rather than how Life Forge has a 5 level below and above limit towards killing each other. My worry with something like this is that someone could get an alt that is low enough level to not be caught by anyone in the level limit, but high enough so that they can take on the mobs in that area and still get the loot without the worry of being killed.

      I think that open PvP is a part of Life Forge that people enjoy and are fine with, I just think that it turned away a lot of new players who aren't used to the "Get good" factor. I liked the temporary removal of PvP in the Desert, but I don't know about the Jungle. I haven't been to the Jungle but I am assuming it is after the Desert. Here is why I don't agree with the Jungle, there isn't as much content to level up in the Desert as there was in Gandor, so the PvP added onto there is kind of a spooky thing to have when you're trying your best to grind for experience which for me, is taking on the aggressive mobs which leaves me to half to low health. This really leaves me vulnerable and I think that PvP and PvE are kind of a difficult mix in terms of this game where some mobs stun and others blind.

      I'm not saying that they should be separated, because like I said that is just part of the game. I'm just saying it is kind of spooky to have to worry about trying to level up at the same time of not getting "reggity reggity rekt". I'm still super new to the game but I enjoy these types of games the most because they show more effort from everyone working on it. I haven't been killed via PvP yet but it still scares me as I am starting to get close to the 5 level limit.

      Pretty much what I am saying is, I don't think you should separate PvP and PvE. But I do feel that if you need to worry about leveling at the same time of not being killed, there should be a less vulnerable way to level than having to continuously use your MP and HP on mobs when you can easily be caught out. If killing the mobs is for a quest, then hey, its probably a medium risk medium reward deal so that'd be pretty rad. So keep the PvP, but make PvE more rewarding in terms of experience. I have been told though that fishing is the best way to level up, up to level 25 and so far its been pretty nice. But I am still worried about a quest lacking once I am 25 because that is the general level 5 limit I see in other players.
    4. Sleepy
      i really just want the lore.... games that try to cater to both factions, of pve fanatics or warmonger pvp... lead to the loss of the initial life forge experience.
    5. OldLinion
      True, but when PvP is involved in normal leveling, there has to be a balance.
    6. Dekadenzia
      Ur attack does nothing...
    7. OldLinion
      What do you mean?
    8. Dekadenzia
      Thats what happens if u are tank and attack another page
    9. Aronin
      Well guys,the pvp inst the real problem to face...pvp kinda makes a part of the game even if i dont like to pvp.The real problem we are facing is the unbalance btw classes,I really love the changes in game,buffs on mages classes helped the game balance.Bring back the pvp `-┬┤now i finally have a chance against those op hunters.
    10. SkywardRiver
      Thanks guys. We'll be reading over all this as soon as the patch goes live.
    11. Dekadenzia
      Will be today the patch?
    12. Lucky13
      I voted for A, but would actually prefer something in-between.
      In my opinion, it'd be ideal if you simply removed the XP losses and gains from PVPing and then made some zones PVP while most of the locations would remain PVE-only ;)
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      Yeah, that way XP could only be gained via PvE, and also prevent players preventing other players from leveling by killing them all the time.
    14. medsal15
      Move PvP to an arena. Enter it by talking to an NPC in any city. There should be a safe zone with a vaulter too, if you want to leave.
    15. ZoriousX
      I agree with choice A. I would also like other things to be added to PvP in Life Forge. I would love to see Factions or Teams that aren't like Guilds, and you can battle your Faction in a specific area.
    16. Aronin
      i wish party doenst have the 5 levels limit thing
    17. Sebastion93
      I woulds say option "A" but maybe make these new pvp areas an option for leveling rout. So basically when you look at the shape of a "Y" everyone starts at the same point but then afterwards you can choose to level in a pvp oriented way or a pve way.

      Here is an example of what I am talking about:

      Okay after beating the Minotaur and you are about to reach the desert there is the bridge to cross before reaching the desert. Well what if you started building areas north of the bridge so the desert and the jungle there would be PVE and going north would be the PVP path. Then you could for example in towns that exist in the PVP area would have bounty quests instead of hunting quests which would be hunting a number of players instead of a number of monsters like hunting player killers and hunting players in general. You could set the lore for that area as a land built on conflict and blood shed.

      This would allow you to keep the PVE and PVP together but separate pleasing everyone without taking away from the games experiences for anyone. This would also allow people to play the way they want with quests or pvp without alienating specific parts of your player base. I love PVP in MMOS but I don't like PVP 24/7 and lets face it... leveling a cleric in PVP only against a land filled with hunters would be rage inducing making barely anyone willing to play that class...
    18. Ieatpeople17
      Chance to drop equipped items? Bye pvp, never going there again.
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    19. WiseOldMan
      Make a zone for PVP only where each castle has a certain resource that is very rich in something. Each castle can be owned by a guild and must be defended. Make it a reason and a good advantage for you to maintain this castle however make this pvp zone separate and not critical that pveers cant still get what they want (meaning pvers can still search in the pve zones for these materials HOWEVER these castles will spawn them much faster and in bigger quantity giving pvpers an advantage in crafting but doesn't mean pveers will lose out. Pveers will just have to work harder).

      Just an idea that can be built on.

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