Reset My Stats Can't Equip my Helmet

Discussion in 'Bugs and Other Issues' started by Braddakeins, May 8, 2017.

  1. Braddakeins

    Braddakeins New Member Newbie

    I reset my stats and now i can't equip dunestone barbut. It says I do not have the stats requirement but my raw stats are Str 30, End 49. I'm also lvl 22.
  2. Chibi

    Chibi New Member Newbie

    Problem solved.
    Crafted another helmet to check the issue.
    Stats showed 28 STR raw this time for player and the requirement is 30.

  3. Braddakeins

    Braddakeins New Member Newbie

    Ugh..jpg Ugh numba 2.jpg It has happened again.. I have pictures this time. It doesn't show the stats requirement on the weapon and it also states I don't have the stats requirement
  4. Rekusa

    Rekusa New Member Newbie

    Hi there Brad. I think currently there's a problem with some items that have prefixes on them in which stats are being added to 'RAW'. Remove all of your equipped items and see if your 'raw' END(the numbers in green) is 45.
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