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Discussion in 'Bugs and Other Issues' started by Minervini, May 1, 2017.

  1. Minervini

    Minervini New Member Newbie

    Its not really a bug, but the target area to the mobs and players are still a little small, so its dificult to select them when they are moving... Is it possible to make it easier to target everything, please? For magi, at least its kind of deadly (yes im noob playstile) when we are not able to select the monsters properly.
  2. Ieatpeople17

    Ieatpeople17 New Member Newbie

    you can use Q to target enemies and E to target players. Z targets your own character.
  3. Excelsior

    Excelsior New Member Newbie

    this is great, unless you're in a mixed area, trying to target only a certain type of enemy. this has frustrated me on multiple occasions. as a melee/spell user this wouldn't matter as much, since you could just 'kill everything' till you got the one you wanted. but when you have to count ammo, would be nice to have a 'target nearest aggro' button...

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