Trying to create new Char

Discussion in '[FIXED] Bugs Reports and Other Issues' started by Unknown, Apr 1, 2017.

  1. Unknown

    Unknown New Member Newbie

    Hi guys, I'm trying to create a new character (first time Ive played) and nothing seems to happen when I make one just says sending new account information. Some help please :)
  2. Invisiboi

    Invisiboi New Member Newbie

    Well if you are trying to name your character "Unknown" that wont work because i named one like that already :p
  3. mixxarn

    mixxarn Moderator Staff Member Moderator Founder Newbie

    Unknown, when that happens, close down the client, restart the client and login using that account information, the register account can be a bit weird, but in almost every case it will still create the account. We're working on fixing it.


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