Unable to reach some monster drops

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  1. BlueLizard

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    Sometimes a monster will drop loot in a place we're unable to pick up. Below is an example after defeating boss Horseman. Another example is loot on a path right on the edge of a map, as standing on the edge will immediately take you to another map.

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  2. Excelsior

    Excelsior New Member Newbie

    I've seen this as well, in the Minotaur's Layer, when he pops up behind you and you have your back to a pillar. I can see two possible solutions.
    1.) Add a command to pick up items in front of you(similar to mining/fishing... etc) Though I think this would be impractical as it would change a LOT about the game.
    2.) Add a "invalid location" routine to NPC AI, preventing them from going places that players can't.

    I definately understand the frustration, some people are barely able to kill something, and then you can't get your reward. Or like me, OCD insists on picking EVERYTHING up. I know the OCD isn't the dev's fault, but it's forced me to take an 'extended break' a few times...

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