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    Patch Notes 1.10.15
    February 14 - Life Forge
    Fixed 'Cash Shop' 'Member's Pass' Paypal button,
    'Ironstar Minotaur' Respawn reduced to 6 minutes,
    Organized internal input mechanics,
    Fixed targeting NPCs and players while typing in chat,
    When selling an item on the 'Auction House', 'Gold' is sent to 'Collection Chest', instead of directly to your 'Character',
    'Raid HUD' now properly displays correct number of 'Party Members' based on current Resolution,
    'Raid HUD' no longer loses random players Hp/Sp,
    Client no longer crashes from turning off and on 'Sounds',
    Music stops playing when turned off, after changing volume,
    'Typhon' had 'Arc Wand' re-added in his loot table,
    'Saurtr' had 'Pyramid Armor' re-added to his loot table,
    Double clicking an item no longer hides 'Chat' when 'Currency Dialogue' is open,
    PvP kill messages moved from Global to Map,

    Six items added in for Valentines Day
    The 'Crate of Passion' contains either:
    -Female or Male Garments
    -Blessed Wings
    -Heartfelt Balloon
    -Bow of Enthrallment
    -Love Potion

    With this new addition we will be giving out a free 'Crate of Passion' with any purchase.
    This offer ends on the 21st February.

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Discussion in 'Development Logs' started by Life Forge Team, Aug 9, 2018.

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