Update 1.10.16 & 1.10.17

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    Patch Notes 1.10.16 & 1.10.17
    February 18 - Life Forge
    Patch Notes 1.10.16 & 1.10.17

    Can no longer pick up items whilst trading,
    Sound and Music can no longer exceed 100,
    'Member's Pass' purchases now award the Item, rather than apply Membership directly on the buyers Character,
    'Chat Bubbles' will properly expire if a players computer has been running for more then 24 Days,
    New 'Lovely Cabin' item has been added,
    Fixed issues with Switches,
    Events no longer take more than the required items,
    Events no longer award more than they're supposed to,
    In-game cash shop no longer displays an error then reloads to the cash shop,
    The +15% Bonus Platinum events are now automatic,
    Event fix removed,
    Fixed the Server freezing,
    Fixed Targeting UI hitting the error handler and slowing the client down,
    Fixed Targeting on the server attempting to send no data to the Client and hitting the error handler,
    Server no longer sends empty data to remove Target information from the Client.

    Brand new Web Store & in-game Cash Shop has replaced the old White version,
    Client now displays Cooldown Times in Skill Book and on both Hotbars (Seconds and if less than 1 Second it displays milliseconds),
    Whitescreen issues when a players computer has not been shut down within the past 24 days [potential fix].

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Discussion in 'Development Logs' started by Life Forge Team, Aug 9, 2018.

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