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    Update 1.10.2 - Patch Notes
    January 2 - Life Forge
    Patch 1.10.2 Notes
    House wall in 'Gandor [L]' is no longer walk-through,
    Tree borderline (both) in 'Gandor [L]' missing blocks,
    Cliff Edge near top Mining spot in 'Gandor [L]' is no longer walk-through,
    Gulta Swamp House now displays Furniture Limit,
    Houses are now Tradeable. You _MAY_ not trade _ANY_ deed that matches your current house*,
    Presents now are a Daily collectable from 'Christmas Tree',
    Players can no longer be invited to a home when in Survival, Dungeon, PvP or Tower Map Types,

    'Desert Dulcimer' is now 2% Lethality,
    'Balefire Dulcimer' is now 2-H, 3% Lethality and Requires 210 Will,
    'Cursed Dulcimer'now Requires 190 Will and has 4.5% Reflect Chance,
    Blink Spell Type has an 15% chance to reset cool down when casting,
    Blink Spell Type had a complete over haul and no longer uses 'Player Warp',
    Anti-Stealth spell Type now gets removed correctly from the caster on duration end,
    When Stealthing, any player who has you as a Target has their Target removed,

    Mt. Ironstar maps no longer spawn Mobs on the left hand side,
    Mobs can no longer spawn on NPC Avoid tiles,
    Both missing Blocks missing from Charlin area filled in,
    'Amount Input' breaking chat fix applied,
    New Map Images for Charlin, Armistin River,
    Disabled the Drop-down box at the main menu to force Emerald only,

    Staff Only:
    House # now loads on selecting House Item Types,

    *Houses are on Trail as Tradeable. Any attempts to exploit or bypass our security will result in loss of Deeds and/or Houses.
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Discussion in 'Development Logs' started by Life Forge Team, Aug 9, 2018.

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