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By Rex on Oct 4, 2017 at 7:42 AM
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    Hey everyone, this update adds onto our last update releasing Tinderfrost and Charlin, update 1.8.0.
    This is a small addition with some big content! Calling it the Frozen Raid Update 1.8.1
    Here's what the update contains.


    - The Frozen Tomb Raid has finally arrived!
    - New areas accessible around Charlin

    - Over 20 new items added
    - Frostfire tools / recipes added
    - Missing tinderfrost craftables added
    - Missing moonflower craftables added
    - Missing Recipes for tools
    - Missing Recipes for Mage items
    - Added drops to Tinderfrost mobs
    - Added new 'Hearty Meal' comsume that buffs you for the cold journey in Tinderfrost (Crafted).

    - Optimizations made to engine
    - Fixed spell damage scale bug upon initial Charlin/Tinderfrost release
    - Fixed random crashing at all shops
    - Fixed requirements on level 70 gear
    - Many visual fixes to Tinderfrost and Charlin
    - Some visual fixes to other areas

    - Various bug fixes
    - Various graphical fixes

    That's all for now! Hope to see you all in game!
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Discussion in 'Development Logs' started by Rex, Oct 4, 2017.

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