Update 1.8.2

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    Update 1.8.2
    October 16, 2017 - Life Forge
    ~New Areas
    - Gandor Farm
    - Gandor Freehold
    - Auction House [House]
    - Haunted House [House]
    - Masion [House]
    - Charlin Cabin [House]

    - Pumpkin Head
    - Ghostly Costume
    - Bubbling Cauldron

    - Get ready for some interesting events in Sharda ( closer to Halloween )

    - command : /r now responds to a PM and no longer PM's
    a random character if you have not received a PM.
    - Tonnes of graphical and attribute fixes around the world of Sharda.
    - Some weapons/armor re-balanced
    - Tonnes of graphical fixes / attribute fixes
    - Some balancing to newer weapons/armors
    - Party Chat has been added to talk with only your party
    - Key Bind additions for Party Chat and Raid HUD Toggle
    - Houses can now be traded (Deed)
    - /collectfurniture now collects 5 furniture items from your house.

    - The Auction House has arrived!
    - Raid system! If your party has with more than 4 players it becomes a Raid Party
    which disables the current party window HP/SP bars.
    - Housing Deeds are now used to obtain houses. You buy the deed then double click to use[​IMG]
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Discussion in 'Development Logs' started by Life Forge Team, Aug 9, 2018.

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