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    Combination of Patch Notes (1.10.27 - 1.10.35)
    August 8 - Life Forge
    The biggest update has just hit, .35 which solved our entire lag issue when doing actions (killing/picking up was the key turn off for players)

    Life Forge now runs like a single player game!

    Minotaur no longer has unlimited range on his 'teleport player' move,
    Minotaur now has a stun warning,
    Minotaur now displays Stun / Teleport messages,
    Minotaur's Stun move has doubled in cool down,
    Target Window now moves when Client Width makes Hotbar / Cash Shop icon get too close,
    Chosing a sub-class at 25 no longer removes all stat points,
    When a staff member leaves it no longer announces it in chat,
    Talent Reset potions correctly require equipment to be removed,
    Missing Block tile from Gandor added,
    Gandor's checkpoint x,y has been set to the new pillar location¹,
    Gandor tutorial 'Becuase' now spelt correctly,
    David the Wanderer's chat now has correct grammar,
    'An Hammer' changed to 'A Hammer'
    'An Mortar and Pestle' changed to 'A Mortar and Pestle'
    'An ingot Mould' changed to 'An Ingot Mould'
    'An Hide Scraper' changed to 'A Hide Scraper'
    'An Cooking Pot' changed to 'A Cooking Pot'
    Mythra on Gandor Road "Unfortunately any powerful gear you'll need in-game gold for." removed,
    Mythra Shop Edits:
    'Oho' changed to 'Bazinga',
    'platinum' changed to 'Platinum',
    'STYLE' changed to 'style',
    'FANCY CLOTHES and MOUNTS' changed to 'fancy clothes and mounts'
    'Chest Icon at the top right' changed to 'Chest Icon at the top center'
    Old Miner:
    "There some real naster monsters up there." changed to 'There some real nasty monsters up there.'
    You can now list House Deeds on the Auction House²,
    You can now list Mounts on the Auction House²,
    Fixed an issue with the 500 Platinum purchase page in Cash Shop,
    You can now remove icons from your Hotbar via right clicking.
    Maiden Statue Buff reward fixed,
    Re-Roller UI no longer stays open when clicking [Remove] and walking,
    Withdraw 1, 5, 10, all option added to a new right click UI in the bank,
    Email input no longer uses * as characters,
    Email input increased to 50,
    Tab key now works correctly on New Account menu,
    Quiz system is now in (No rewards just yet!)¹.¹,
    Withdraw All has been changed to fix the issues raised in the Discord channel,
    Guild Tower's had an over haul too allow multiple Towers,¹.²
    Moved the Target UI windows down to not conflict with the Map Name,
    When a Quiz is active, the Target UI is moved further down to not conflict with the Quiz Icon,
    'Forced Loot' has been introduced that allows us to force all Mobs to drop any loot we add².¹,
    Glacial Tower is open for the Tier 2 Guild Tower,
    'Soul of Attack' increased to 35,
    Attack Buffs & Attack Debuffs are now calculated correctly,
    Doing any activity no longer makes your character stutter aka simulate lag¹.¹,
    Added a Client side timer to the show remaining time to answer shown Quiz Question,
    Added a notification sound on a new question¹.²,
    Give Item Quests now work as intended,
    Quiz Rewards are now active².¹,
    Optimized the JoinGame code for a quicker login time,
    Can no longer Drop any Mount whilst Mounted,
    Can no longer Sell any Mount whilst Mounted,
    /time command added to display Server time,
    The Quiz UI no longer shows per Question,

    ¹.¹Characters no longer get locked to the tile they do actions on.
    ¹.²You must have Sounds turned On to hear the notification.
    ².¹First place yields 4 Platinum and 2 ReRoll Gems, Second place yields 2 Platinum and 1 ReRoll Gems and Third place yields 1 Platinum and 1 Revive.

    Attempting to cheat the Quiz system will render all your answers invalid for the remaining Quiz time. You can not use more than 1 account per Quiz as all Characters will end up been blocked from answer.
    Guilds can only control 1 Guild Tower per Guild.
    Used for Events like Halloween/Easter ect for temporary drops, Drop Chance and Amount included.

    'Moonwidow Wand' now requires 15 int,
    'Dunepetal Wand' now requires 30 int,
    'Forgotten Wand' now requires 35 Int and is now 25 damage,
    'Delga Wand' now requires 35 Int,
    'Arc Wand' now requires 45 Int,
    'Jungle Wand' now requires 45 Int,
    'FireFly Wand' now requires 50 Int,
    'Marken Wand' now requires 65 Int,
    'Gemwood Wand' now requires 80 Int,
    'Frostpine Wand' now requires 95 Int,
    'Heart of Winter' now requires 150 Int,
    'Eclipse Bow' now requires 125 agi,
    'Blade of Woe' now requires 125 str,
    'Arctic Scepter' now requires 125 Int,
    'Bronze Circlet' now requires 6 will,
    'Iron Circlet' now requires 15 will,
    'Pyramid Circlet' now requires 40 will.
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