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  1. Life Forge Team

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    Hello everyone!

    We here at on the Life Forge Team would like to thank everyone who has been playing Life Forge!

    We greatly appreciate your support, and we're striving to make the game better!

    This is where our questions come into play!

    1. What do you wanna see in-game?
    (As of right now, We're working on enhancing both overall features of the game, and content as a whole! Is there something else we should also be focusing on?)

    2. What do you wanna see outside of the game?
    (With our steam release, We've opened up many new ways to interact with the community as a whole. Is there something outside of Life Forge that we can do as developers to make Life Forge as a whole a better community? Some examples are: Social Media events for in-game cosmetic items, More developer talks, start a Q&A, stream content being made occasionally, etc)

    3. Do you have any questions for use that we can answer?

    We're looking forward to your input on the questions above!

    ~Life Forge Team​
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  2. TrueDPS

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    1) Just general improvements to the current systems, polish those while working on new content. Specifically things like crafting, experience gains, the talent system, etc. I'd also love to be able to have multiple characters on one account.

    2) So far you guys have been doing a pretty good job at interacting with the community, so just keep doing what you are doing :D

    3) Can I have a cookie?
  3. Essie

    Essie New Member Founder

    streaming or just pictures/short videos on yt channel would be nice. then the community can react and give their opinion on the idea, like, say if it's something good, or have ideas for improvement or changes before it's released, etc.) and makes players more exciting to see upcoming changes :) just more interaction with the community so we know what is being worked on and what is planned, etc.

    umh some things i would like to see:

    - in-game auction house, the game is a grind game, and maybe not big right now, but the prices of everything are so unstable, etc. an in-game auction house / grand exchange would be so good;
    - guild house/building and other/more guild advancements;
    - pvp and pve balancement, (magi feel useful in pve, cleric feel useful in pve/pvp, etc. like you would kind of need every class for a boss fight: ranger for damage, some page class for tanking, cleric for heals&buffs, magi for dmg, etc. and for small boss cleric for heals and buffs and/or page tank and a magi/hunter class for dmg. --- like, some classes don't have huge exp gaining advantages over other classes based on pve experience;
    - pvp area only in places for pking or doing certain quests maybe, or some monsters with loot (like RS, green dragons, etc.);
    - level req. on all tools(or atleast skill level req. for a tool) & weapons & gear. and bigger difference between tiers (like, lower low tier ore/herbs/etc. health and higher tier more dmg ) so when you reach a certain level for the next tier it feels more rewarding;
    - remove the exp gaining from killing people in pvp!!! people constantly abuse this to hit cap fast and unfairly
    that's all i could think of right now.

    and for people saying the game is dead/empty. it's not. most players always grinded super fast, level up as fast as possible and get the best gear instantly, and then cry when there's "no new content released" or "nothing to do". It's fucking alpha. you have to test the game.
    just bear in mind if people keep exploiting bugs or unintentionally stuff etc. that would ruin the economy/game, im sure a full wipe would be a more likely option to the devs.

    focus on finding things the devs can improve instead of rushing through the content they're already offering and whining for new content. It's not what's important right now. first what has to be done is make sure the game is stable, bugs are fixed, pve and pvp is balanced, and then theyll focus more on new content/cap raise/etc. because then they will know what is best to improve/least hurt the game/community/economy etc. like, fuk. some players can be ignorant.

    sorry for this^ lol. great game, devs & community, keep it up! :)

    just typed this quick , hope it helps.
  4. Essie

    Essie New Member Founder

  5. Riptide

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  6. Life Forge Team

    Life Forge Team Administrator Staff Member Administrator Founder

    1. We're working hard on improving and polishing up the systems we have now! As well as introducing new content that really compliments the features we already have in-game!

    2. This is great to hear! There is nothing better than having the community's support! This community is very important to us. We're hoping that we'll be able to integrate amazing features and great content for everyone to enjoy!

    3. Yes, Yes you may have a cookie!
  7. Life Forge Team

    Life Forge Team Administrator Staff Member Administrator Founder

    We do plan to start releasing some intriguing teasers to let everyone know what we've been up too! SkywardRiver also had the bright idea to start doing Developer Update videos that we will be uploading to let everyone know about the new features that we'll be releasing from now on. The Developer team, (Mostly Zetasis) has streamed mapping content previously in the development of Life Forge. We've considered starting to stream some of the content creation once again. Thus involving the community even more than we currently are.

    To address the features you've mentioned:

    - Auction house has been discussed within the Development team. We've yet to come to a decision on a Auction house will be added, but we've certainly talked about it.
    - Guild houses, as well as player houses have been planned for a while. However, there is currently no release date for such features. With the uproar of bugs and server issues with our steam release, We've had to put a halt on some things. However, with the coming Developer Update, We feel we'll put a lot of the worry that players have to rest. We're planning a VERY big update.
    - We're still in the omega stages of making classes very diverse. The game still is in alpha, and as much testing as we can do with each other, doesn't prove how well each specific class will do in someone else's hands. We acknowledge the problem however, and we're on the road to fixing it. Of course, We apologize for the delay that is present. However, we once again rather confident that this update will help us get closer to balancing and making each class diverse.
    - Without releasing to much, We do have some idea's shifting around the Dev team in regards to the PVP problem present. We'd also like to express again, that this update will bring a whole new dinner plate to the table. We're confident this will help us improve PVP as a whole.
    - We've discussed tools level requirements previously. At the time we decided that tools did not need a level requirement. However, Seeing as thing are starting to shape up in terms of more features and content, Adding a level requirement may be in the games best interest. Once we've come to a decision, we'll be sure to let the community know.
    - With the upcoming update, we seek to fix many problems with PVP.

    In-terms of the talent system, there is currently no talk of changing it. However, we have discussed it in the past and it is a possibility. Once we've decided, We'll let everyone know.

    Thank you for commenting above. We're looking forward to the upcoming update and what it means for Life Forge. Please, Bare with us in this time called *ALPHA*! :)
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  8. Lucky13

    Lucky13 New Member Newbie

    1) Bigger maps.
    In my personal opinion, a few of the maps are just painfully tiny - the two screens leading to the Forgotten Spire or the screen with the Armistin River for example. They kinda look like singleplayer maps in a multiplayer game, as someone said the other day.
    They don't even need to have any more interactive stuff on them, just some pretty scenery. Exploring and appreciating the surroundings is an important aspect of an MMO for many players, myself included ;)
    Also, enough PVE-only zones for those of us who prefer not to engage in PVP, please?

    2) Oh yes, would very much like to see some kind of "events" for cosmetic items! On a related note, in regards of the Jimmy questline - consider making the future "seasonal events" more acessible to the lower level folks please. Other than that, some semi-regular streams, perhaps? Also I think the Discord server for this game is a great place to be community- and info-wise, keep that one up and running :thumbsup:

    3) Have you guys discussed the balance between paying and non-paying players (basically how to prevent the game from turning into "pay2win" in the future)? Some of the team mentioned some members-only areas, that rarely turns out to be a good idea :cautious:
  9. Life Forge Team

    Life Forge Team Administrator Staff Member Administrator Founder


    - We've heard many complaints about the text size being to small. As it is not at the top of our list of things to do, It is there.
    - This also refers to our top comment on chat.
    - The reason there are different chats is to lower the amount of missed text in global chat. As this may set a problem still with local chat, We've discussed as a team possibly adding separate chats all together to each of the chat channels. Once a player switches to the chat channel, they'll be able to read everything that has been said. (When it comes to local maps, The chat will display everything that is said whilst the player is in the map. From the point in which the player enters, and leaves.)
    - We've discussed the possibility of adding different colors to different chat channels. However, this posses a semi-threat to members whom have a different color text. As well as mods, admins, and developers. However, there is a work around we've discussed. We'll be sure to let everyone know when we come to a decision.
    - Once again with color, We've yet to decide if we'd like to fully integrate a color for each chat channel. If we do so, Then the Chat text colors for mods, admins, and Developers, are subject to change to better fit the formatting of the channels.
    - We've decided to keep trading and such individual to each server for now. This may change in the future.

    Player Market

    We've discussed player markets with the community many times during our Dev talks. We've heavily discussed a player market being added in-game, however, seeing as it is on the list, it is not at the top of the list.


    This is indeed a very intriguing feature we'd like to have in-game. We're really excited to have cosmetics in-game. We're hoping with the coming updates, that the community will be overwhelmed with happiness!


    We've discussed and dabbled a bit in having a small HUD pop up to display enemy stats. However, this is not a top priority on the team. However, we would like to eventually have something like this in-game.

    Getting rid of weight

    We currently have no plan to get rid of weight. We highly recommend that players purchase a mount. Traveling by mount is a lot faster than by foot.
  10. Ed101

    Ed101 New Member Newbie

    1. I appreciate its alpha and all of the major additions have already been mentioned, but i would like little quality of life things like food[​IMG] for your mount so you don't have to use the glitch to log out to heal it quickly, deposit all feature for logs and stuff into bank, hot bar extension for more skills and food (e. g shit+1, shift+2, ect). I also would like, if it is not too much trouble, is to fix the maps. For example, in the desert you will be walking right, and you will spawn at the top of the next map instead of the expected left (do you know what i mean?), it just bugs me and i know that if you are in a hurry you will keep right pressed when you enter next map and, in the case of the desert, have it warp you 4 zones away.

    2. Streams would be sick

    3. What language is Life Forge programmed in?
  11. Life Forge Team

    Life Forge Team Administrator Staff Member Administrator Founder

    1. With the resolution sizes now functioning better in-game, We plan to make maps fit them better. So, newer maps will larger than maps that were made previous to the resolutions being added. Players will start to see bigger, and more decorated maps! :)

    We have discussed adding an area strictly for PVP. However, We're unable to disclose when this area will be ready. We do plan however, to make both PVE and PVP more exciting. We've talked about many different ways to integrate both PVE and PVP easier. Seeing as some players camp and kill players, and some players farm guild members exp to gain levels faster, We're hoping with the coming updates we'll slowly but surely resolve these problems. Effectively splitting PVE and PVP to a point where players who prefer PVE can stick with PVE without a lot of worry of a PK.

    2. In terms of the Jimmy quest-line now, We apologize profusely for the lack of lower level players who were unable to complete the quest. For future events, All events will be complete-able by all levels. Ensuring that everyone has a chance at the sweet loot that holiday and seasonal events bring to Life Forge. The discord server is also here to stay. We enjoy being able to interact with everyone as much as we do! Last but not least, seeing as people would like us to start streaming, and possibly teasing content and features, we're going to be having a full discussion on the matter.

    3. Member-only areas, will not hinder the progression of a F2P player. These area's will serve as an area that allows members to gather specific tiers of resources. While these resources are also accessible in Non-Member areas in bulk, Member-only areas will feature a much safer environment to farm. We're trying to make Life Forge as F2P heavy as possible. We're not looking to have any P2W features in-game. We believe everyone should have a chance to experience every aspect of the game to its full potential. Thus, Member-only areas will most likely not feature any content that F2P players don't have access too.
  12. Luci

    Luci New Member Newbie

    1) If you guys are even considering auction houses, that is the wrong decision for this style of game. PLAYER TO PLAYER INTERACTION IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. The best resolution is to add player shops in a market oriented city where players can continue to advertise, whilst renting shop space to list there items at competitive prices. An auction house will KILL self-marketing entirely so please don't do it.

    Aside from that, the main thing I would like to see added to the game is less vertical progression and more content that keeps players interested long term so they don't have to beg for new content once they've completed their vertical gear progression. Things like Guild vs. Guild battles, full loot pvp zones, Castles to fight for control over, dueling, etc. These features will give you a complete game where players are driving the content themselves. That way, you won't have to worry about the begging for new content when the current content is entirely repeatable and enjoyable.

    2) Q&A streams would be a good decision as long as they are streamed at reasonable times (catering to the largest segment of the life forge populous).

    3) What games does Life forge draw inspiration from?
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  13. Life Forge Team

    Life Forge Team Administrator Staff Member Administrator Founder

    1. With the new features of mounts having a certain amount of HP and once their HP hits 0, They become tired and need to rest, We've yet to discuss any items to rejuvenate mount HP. However, We don't see why it wouldn't become a thing. We'll have a discussion on this and let everyone know when we come to a decision.

    The desert is like a maze. If you take a wrong turn you'll get turned around. We don't plan on changing how it is, however there is a path that you can constantly take to get to where you're going. We recommend talking to other players and seeing if they can help you trek the desert! :)

    2. We've gotten a great response in-terms of streaming. We'll be discussing with the entire team to see if this is a step that we'd like to take. We'll be sure to let everyone know when we've come to a decision.

    3. Life Forge is programmed in VB6. However, we do plan to move away from vb6 eventually.
  14. Life Forge Team

    Life Forge Team Administrator Staff Member Administrator Founder

    1. In-terms of Auction houses or player shops, we haven't come to a complete decision on what we'd like to do. Once we've fully decided, we'll be sure to let everyone know.

    We've heard complaints about the vertical progression that is currently plaguing the game in-terms of lack of content to proceed. We're looking to address this issue as soon as possible. With the coming updates, we're looking to shy away from the vertical progression and give everyone a more diverse outlook on how the game will be played.

    2. We've heard to uproar that is "Please Stream". We're going to discuss this as a team and come back to everyone with an answer!

    3. According to our humble and virtuous leader SkywardRiver, Life Forge draws inspiration from Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Tibia to some degree. There are more of course, However we believe these three sum up our inspiration the most.
  15. cadexn

    cadexn New Member Founder

    1. More social features. 2D games do not have the advantage of "leet grapics" or "realistic physics" but in turn it's relatively easier to add in more gameplay features. At the end of the day once everyone hit max level it's either grind for more money or talk with people. I'm hoping to see devs expanding more on social features such as Guild bases, wars, player housing, RP factions (similar to guild but people already with guild can join factions for RP purposes), alliances, game events (twice daily mini-game, for example).

    2. Nothing much really.
    3. Ditto
  16. Wyze

    Wyze New Member Founder

    1. Player merchants "example : https://puu.sh/viP6z/4c1ebeed57.jpg " (Game : Dofus) I don't say copy cat them but it's actually a very nice system that you can leave your character in game selling the merchandise you put in for sale. then game logs you out and when you log in again your shop close and you play normally. +plus (Set a fee that calculate from the total amount of gold your items worth for it to open the shop, so people don't just overprice everything for no reason)

    I'm sure people will like this idea because it doesn't only give you a cool feature but makes the game feels more active and lively.

    2. I really would like to see you guys streaming the contents that being made, devs can be even more creative when u hear what the players think of what you're creating the moment, build up the hype and shows how much you guys care for them and the game.

    3. Are you guys planning to add hp bars for mobs when we target them and simple UI improvements?
  17. Vels

    Vels New Member Newbie

    - Id like to see something where we can exchange items for stackable tokens of some kind that represent that item, making it easier to trade non-stackable items. Those tokens can then be exchanged back for the respective item. The vaulter should make these exchanges within your vault.
    - When someone attacks you, they should get thrown off their mount too.
    - Ability to disable "System messages." (Ex. "Spell is on cooldown" messages.)
    - Blessings should affect all servers. And should show a timer somewhere.
    - Some way to see mount hp.

    - A "Minor Updates" thread devs can post in, for any smaller updates would be cool.
  18. PageQuit

    PageQuit New Member Newbie

    1. What do you wanna see in-game?

    -LVL Limits on Tools, if equipment is LVL limited tools shouldn't be that far of an exception.
    -PVP and mounts balancing, what's been done already is great and I think you should continue to pursue PVP balancing.
    -Some more quests for those grinding between LVL 23(ish) and 30 and beyond.

    2. What do you wanna see outside of the game?

    You're doing great already, I'm looking forward to the expansion of this community and it's pool of players. :p

    3. Do you have any questions for use that we can answer?

    What are your thoughts/plans on server-wide & holiday events? (Easter is coming up ;))
  19. Sadmar

    Sadmar New Member Newbie

    The main thing i want to see is more content, more areas more mobs more towns (New spells heh).

    Guild houses sound fun.
  20. Sadmar

    Sadmar New Member Newbie

    Also some more varied and cooler looking mage armor. Light purple and green dont really give you that cool feel. Also the boss drops tend to be the tier with a lil chest piece on top.

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